Review: Prometheus (Directed by Ridley Scott, starring Naomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender


OK prequel to the Alien series tries to explain some elements of the first ALIEN movie and has some decent, scary set pieces. However, the plot feels more like the first Alien vs Predator movie, (Which also featured not too bright archaeologists and other scientists), and the film also raises more questions than answers about the relation to the ALIEN saga. There’s also a similar problem to the last three Star Wars films; while the original films featured a sort of broken-down, “used” universe, Prometheus is very high-tech and ‘clean’ yet takes place only a few decades before ALIEN. Also the creature design doesn’t come anywhere near the chilling HR Giger designed creatures from the original films (Although there is some Giger influence in some of the film).


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