Doctor Who Part V-A Tear, Sarah Jane?

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When we last left the Third Doctor, his beloved companion Josephine “Jo” Grant had left to marry a hippy scientist. The Doctor continues his work for UNIT, although somewhat less frequently due to his newfound freedom by having the TARDIS repaired and functioning fairly normally.

He starts to investigate the mysterious disappearance of scientists at a research center-something also being investigated by plucky but opinionated journalist, Sarah Jane Smith. Initially, she suspects the Doctor is behind this, especially when it turns out the scientists are being yanked back in time. However, travelling to the middle ages, the Doctor and Sarah Jane soon discover the real culprit-a Sontaran warrior named Lynx, member of a potato-headed race of clone soldiers who are in a state of perpetual war with another alien race (The Rutans, green blobs that can shape-shift). They defeat Lynx with the help of the locals, and Sarah joins the Doctor as his new companion.

Their next trip takes them back to modern times, but London is strangely abandoned-except by Dinosaurs! Turns out dinosaurs have been mysterious summoned by a strange cult trying to turn Earth back in time. What’s also unfortunate is that the Doctor’s friend, Captain Mike Yates, is among the conspirators. The Doctor undoes the plan, and Mike resigns on medical leave.

In their next adventure, Sarah first meets the Daleks, and the Doctor is forced into an uneasy truce with his enemies when it turns out a nearby fortress has drained their weapons. Their next adventure also takes the Doctor back to Peladon, where he once again gets involved in the politics of the mining world.

Finally, the Third Doctor faces his final adventure.Following a tip from the retired Mike Yates about strange shenanigans at a local Buddhist monastery, it turns out a group of sentient spiders want a blue crystal stolen by the Doctor from their planet on a previous adventure. If given the crystal, it will give them incredible power.


The Whomobile

The Doctor, through a series of chases both on Earth using a wide variety of transport-Bessie, A gyrocopter, and the “Whomobile” hovercraft (which can also fly)-and with the advice of another, benevolent Time Lord mentor of his who actually runs a local monastary-decides to return the crystal to the Spiders. The Crystal manages to overload the power of the spiders and destroy them, but the Doctor also unfortunately suffers a lethal dose of radiation. Getting to the TARDIS, he eventually makes his way back to his lab at UNIT.

Met by a saddened Sarah Jane, he collapses to the floor but reassure her it’s not over yet. He changes once again, to a  younger man, with a mop of curly, brown hair:
















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