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Doctor Who Part Three-Intergalactic Hobo


When we last left he Doctor collapsed and changed from an elderly man, to a younger, shorter man with a Beatle-like mop of black hair. Initially, this new Doctor baffles his companions, and he himself is somewhat disoriented (a side effect of regeneration is that the body/mind needs some time to ‘heal’ itself and let the new persona settle in). The Doctor explains that this is a side-effect of his alien physiology. As he recovers, the TARDIS lands on the planet Vulcan (Not the Star Trek one)…and awaiting the new Doctor are the Daleks.




Except they’re dormant, survivors of a crash landing. However, colonists on Vulcan soon reactive them, and the Daleks manage to convince the colonists that they’re service robots-when in fact these Daleks are breeding a new army in secret (Their ship being a factory ship). Once again, the Doctor defeats his old nemesis, and sets off on new adventures.











Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton.)




The new Doctor has a somewhat different persona than his predecessor. He’s more warm and easier to get along with than his crotchety predecessor, has an affinity for recorder flutes, tends to have more wit about him and also employs disguises and pseudonyms quite a bit. He’s also somewhat less kept then his predecessor, earning him a nickname by fans, “The intergalactic hobo”. On his second adventure, dealing with the Highlanders, he meets his latest companion, Jaime McCrimmon, a brash Highlander who will remain with this Doctor for the rest of his life.








After messing with the Macra, Cybermen, and weird aliens at an airport, Ben & Polly depart, and once again the Doctor finds himself up against the Daleks, who are trying to brainwash humanity into becoming like the Daleks. Going to Skaro, he manages to reverse the effect on several Daleks, causing a civil war between the “human” Daleks and the regular ones, which apparently destroys their city on Skaro. He also takes on Victoria from the 19th century as his companion.

Jaime and The Doctor.


Their next adventures take them to Telos, where they encounter a “Tomb of the Cybermen”, where Cybermen are kept in stasis, but unfortunately are unleashed by unethical scientists. The Doctor, Jaime and Victoria likewise encounter several new villains, such as the robot Yeti and their controlling “Great Intelligence”, war-like martians The Ice Warriors, a doppelgänger of the Doctor known as Salamander, and nasty seaweed.




It’s during one of the adventures with the Yeti that the Doctor first meets Colonel Lethbridge Stewart. Stewart quickly strikes up a friendship with the Doctor, one that will last through several incarnations (and occasionally cause some friction, because Stuart is a military man and the Doctor is generally a pacifist, or at least tries to find some sort of peace).











Lethbridge-Stuart as we first know him.





Eventually, Victoria is dropped off, and during an adventure with the Cybermen on a space station, Zoe Herriot joins. Zoe is super-smart, and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder about it. As Troughton’s final season begins, The Doctor faces a mysterious dimension where fictional characters come to life, another adventure with Lethbridge Stuart where he’s been promoted to Brigadiar and now leads a special military task force called UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce), which battle a Cybermen invasion force. Like the Brig himself, UNIT will have a large role to play in further adventures. The Doctor also faces the Ice Warriors again, and deadly robots such as the Dominators and Krotons.




Eventually however, the Doctor has time catch up to him. Investigating what appears to be a World War I battlefield, the Doctor discovers a plan by aliens to kidnap and brainwash soldiers and have them fight in various battlefields from throughout history. Helping them is another Time Lord-The War Chief-who is using reverse-engineered/knock off TARDISes to help them. The Doctor is forced to contact his own people, the Time Lords, who have been trying to track the wayward Doctor for some time. The Time Lords dismantle the “War games”, but also capture the Doctor and his companions. The Doctor is forced to stand trial on his home planet. He successfully argues that he’s stopped some evil, but unfortunately there’s a penalty for the Doctor’s actions. Jaime and Zoe’s memories are wiped, the TARDIS has it’s vital time travelling components mostly removed, with the Doctor’s memories of how to correctly operate it likewise blocked. He is also forced to exile on Earth, and also forced to regenerate. The defiant Doctor then starts to change….











“Stop! You’re making me giddy!”








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