Archive-Metal Gear Part Two-Solid Snake

Now, we’ll further explore the Metal Gear series-by going into the original older games, which came out in the 80’s and 90’s.

We left off with the end of “The Phantom Pain”. There are now two Big Bosses-the original, “Naked Snake”, and “Venom Snake” (Who I’ll refer to as Venom Boss from this point), a surgically altered body double. The original returns to the states, and forms the black ops unit FOXHOUND (An extension of his old FOX unit). Among the agents is the young David, AKA Solid Snake- one of the clones created in the 70’s (Although initially David is unaware of this) . Snake begins to train his son, along with Miller (Although Miller sees the Boss as his enemy now, he wants to train up David to take down his father-kind of an “Obi-Wan Kenobi” thing)
Meanwhile, Venom Boss (working with Big Boss) reorganizes and relocates Diamond Dogs to the latest Outer Heaven-a nation near South Africa, but independent. He enlists a scientist to build another Metal Gear (although one more compact and simpler in design than the earlier models ZEKE and Selanthropus) as a deterrent.
FOXHOUND sends a spy-Grey Fox/Frank Yaeger-to find out what is going on at Outer Heaven. He reports back on the Metal Gear, but is captured (Probably sold out by Big Boss). Big Boss-still posing as FOXHOUND commander but planning to later take full control of Outer Heaven-sends David-now code named Solid Snake-to rescue Grey Fox and take down Metal Gear. however, he secretly hopes that the rookie soldier will fail.


The first game. Snake kind of looks a lot like Michael Biehn here…

He doesn’t. Grey Fox is rescued, Metal Gear is destroyed, and Venom Snake is killed. The African Outer Heaven self destructs as well. The real Big Boss takes the opportunity to leave FOXHOUND, using Venom’s death as a way to fake his own. However, Outer Heaven isn’t gone yet.
A few years later, in Metal Gear II:Solid Snake, another nation starts making trouble-Zanzibar Land, who have captured a new energy source-OILIX, a sort of petroleum creating algae-and arming itself with nukes. Snake-who retired after the events of Metal Gear-is sent to rescue the scientist who developed OILIX-held captive by the enemy. He is aided by his new commander, Roy Campbell, and Miller.
However things turn out more complicated. Zanzibar land is another front for Outer Heaven, with the real Big Boss now leading the nation, and with a more powerful Metal Gear (Metal Gear D). In addition, Grey Fox has defected and joined his former commander.


Snake defeats Grey Fox and the Metal Gear, and later takes on Big Boss, who also reveals that he is Snake’s father (Although this isn’t established until the next game). It’s believed both are killed in the aftermath. Their bodies are however, recovered by the Patriots.



Some years later, we come to the first installment in the “Solid” series. Snake is once again brought out of retirement by Roy Campbell. FOXHOUND has gone rogue-this time led by Eli/Liquid Snake, who took control of the organization after Campbell and Solid Snake left. Commanded by Campbell-and supported by a number of specialist including Dr. Naomi Hunter and comm officer Mei Ling, Snake infiltrates Shadow Moses Island-a nuclear disposal facility-in Alaska, where Liquid’s FOXHOUND is threatening to launch a nuke if they don’t get Big Boss’s body. They also have two hostages-William Baker, president of Armstech, and DARPA chief Donald Anderson (Also known as SIGNT, and a member of the patriots).


Solid Snake infiltrates Shadow Moses Island.
As always, things are more complex than they appear. Snake has been unknowingly infected with a virus-FOXDIE (injected by Naomi)-to eliminate the FOXHOUND members and others. He also becomes tricked by Liquid and his henchmen (Which includes Revolver Ocelot), who not only impersonate Donald Anderson and Miller-who are now both dead-causing Snake to unwittingly give information to the enemy-but it also turns out there’s yet another Metal Gear-REX-originally to be developed for the US army, but captured by FOXHOUND.
However, Snake manages to enlist the aid of OTACON-Hal Emmerich, Huey and Strangelove’s son, and Meryl Silverburgh, Campbell’s daughter who was stationed at Shadow Moses. He is also aided by a mysterious Cyborg Ninja, who is in fact a ressurected Grey Fox. Snake also learns more about his past-including his relationship to Liquid and Big Boss. Snake manages to cripple the Metal Gear, and Liquid succumbs to FOXDIE. He also rescues Meryl and Otacon. Ocelot, however, escapes-although without his arm-and reports back to the president-who, is in fact, another Big Boss clone-Solidus Snake.


Snake and Raiden

However, the threat of the Metal Gears continue. In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The army develops another prototype-Metal Gear RAY in New York aboard a tanker. This particular Metal Gear is a bit different-it can’t launch nukes, but is intended to stop Metal Gears that have nukes. Snake-now part of an anti-Metal Gear group along with Otacon-is sent to a tanker in New York harbor to investigate and photograph RAY. Unfortunately, things get complicated yet again-Ocelot-now wearing Liquid’s arm as his own, and exhibiting some aspects of his personality-shows up, steals the Metal Gear-destroying the tanker in the process-and Snake vanishes. A large clean up facility is built on the Hudson river-Big Shell.
Two years later, Big Shell is taken over by the group Dead Cell, said to be led by “Solid Snake” with a number of hostages (In fact, it’s Solidus, Snake’s other twin). An agent-Raiden, commanded by Campbell-is sent to take out the villains, and rescue the hostages, which include the current president. A SEAL team is also sent, led by the mysterious Iriqous Pliskin-who is the only survivor after an ambush by Dead Cell.

Raiden teams up with “Pliskin”-in fact, the real Solid Snake-and also meets Otacon’s stepsister, Emma. Eventually, they also meet up with Otacon, and rescue the hostages (Although Emma dies in the attempt). Now things get complicated. Turns out the Shell was constructed to hide the development of Arsenal Gear, a massive ship-based Metal Gear (Metal Gear Ray-in a mass-produced form-was intended to be its defense.). Arsenal Gear also holds the last remnants of the Patriots, who although they have lost their human overseers, have now evolved into a powerful AI system (developed long ago by Zero and Anderson, but now with a life of it’s own)- which could control the flow of information, and is also been giving orders to Raiden all along (The colonel Campbell briefing Raiden was in fact, a fake) creating a similar mission to Shadow Moses to get data. Solidus intends to take down the Patriots-who have taken control of much of the world’s systems (partially by masquerading as a Y2k bug fix), but is eventually killed by Raiden. Ocelot once again escapes, although he seems to be possesed by Liquid’s ghost, renaming himself Liquid Ocelot. He intends to continue Solidus’s mission.


Snake’s last mission

Some more years past, as welcome to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Due to his nature as a clone, Snake ages rapidly, from a healthy man in his 30s to someone resembling his 70’s. Raiden, likewise, has become a cyborg ninja, due to undertaking a dangerous mission in the years since Sons of Liberty. Meanwhile, the Patriots AI from Arsenal Gear has become more powerful and now mostly controls weapons and soldiers with nanomachines, creating a world dependent on war.Ocelot-using Big Boss’s body as a ‘key’ of sorts-plans to hijack the AI and use it for his own ends. Snake-with help from most of his usual support crew-not only Otacon, but also Meryl (now running her own unit) Campbell, Jack/Raiden, Rose, Mei Ling, Naomi Hunter -and  eventually his surrogate mother Eva (Who unfortunately dies)-manage to destroy the Arsenal Gear AI-destroying the Patriot’s control-and Snake battles Liquid Ocelot one last time. Ocelot than dies. Unfortunately, Eva and Naomi do not survive the series of events.
As the series end, Snake visits the grave of the original Boss. There-unexpectedly, is Big Boss (who didn’t die but was in stasis while he healed), now old-and Major Zero, in a comatose state. To finally, fully end the patriots/Outer Heaven and the cycle of war and control he and Zero both caused, Big Boss becomes infected with his son’s FOXDIE virus and cuts off Zero’s life support, which will kill both within minutes. Before passing away, he realizes the final will of the Boss-to unite the world not by war, but by peace-and dies peacefully, enjoying one last cigar with his son, who he has finally accepted.

This is good, isn’t it?


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