Doctor Who Part VII-Gallifreyan Gothic

After a number of adventures involving the Doctor battling familiar villains, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry are recalled to Earth by UNIT, who are investigating bizarre attacks on oil rigs in Scotland. The Doctor, examining the forensic evidence, is convinced it’s the work of a large monster-specifically, the local legend known as the Loch Ness Monster. Turns out, the Zygons-a techno-organic alien race who also have the ability to shape-shift-have been using a giant monster to sabotage the rigs, and also disguising themselves as humans to hinder UNIT’s investigation. After finally defeating the monster in London, the Zygons are defeated, although later on they’ll play an important role in the Doctor’s future.



As he continues on his adventures-including battling anti-matter monsters, an ancient egyptian god-alien, and a despotic time lord thought dead trying to steal the Doctor’s body the Doctor starts to grow tired of his UNIT membership, although he still helps them out with an android invasion and a nasty plant alien species. The Doctor also debuts a new console room, which as a more ‘gothic’ look, fitting the darker tone of the Doctor’s last few adventures.

After getting possessed by a crystalline alien, Sarah thinks about leaving in a bit of a fit. However, she soon changes her mind-however, she has to leave anyway, as the Doctor receives a telepathic summons from Gallifrey, and humans are not permitted on the planet. He leaves her back on Earth, although nowhere near her hometown of South Croydon.



Goodbye, Sarah Jane…

Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor finds himself involved in a plot involving the Master (who has was actually the one who summoned him). The Master-who has now wasted all his regenerations and is little more than a walking corpse-is trying to gain access to the Eye of Harmony (Gallifrey’s black hole power source), which will not only restore his body, but give him unlimited power as well. The Doctor confronts the Master and his henchman, Goth, in the Matrix, a type of Gallifreyan virtual computer where the Doctor faces a number of obstacles and traps.






After that adventure, the Doctor meets Leela, his new companion, the descendant of an old Earth expedition that descended into a stone-age state. She helps him battle a deranged computer based on himself, and also a mining vessel filled with murderous reprogrammed service robots. They also solve a Sherlock Holmes style caper, although in typical Doctor Who fashion, it’s one that involves time-travelling warlords, small puppet robots with pig brains, the unlikely partnership of an MC and a forensic scientist, and a bizarre magic show.


Next: K-9, the Doctor’s robot dog.






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