Doctor Who Part 13: Technicolor dreamcoat

The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

The Doctor’s regenerated again-and this time, he’s overly arrogant, theatrical, and pompous, as well as short-tempered. Although initially this is thought to be a sign of post-regeneration instability, this persona will largely dominate the Sixth Doctor-although like all Doctors he shows great compassion, hatred for injustice, and wit. He also selects as his new outfit, a brightly colored, patchwork coat that’s a bit of an eyesore.

Although there is a bit of a problem right off-the Doctor’s instability is worse than usual. He almost kills his companion Peri in a fit of unstable rage and paranoia, and decides to adopt a hermit lifestyle to atone for that.

Looking a bit nuts there, Doc…

Of course this being the Doctor, his attempts to live a monk-like lifestyle don’t go well, and he eventually meets an old time lord friend that gets involved in a kidnapping caper with a bunch of genius twins and a giant caterpillar monster. At the end of the adventure, the Doctor continues on his adventures, a bit more stable but his new rude persona remains. He tells Peri: “I am the Doctor, whether you like it or not.”

The new Doctor tries to once again fix the Chameleon circuit, so the TARDIS doesn’t always have to be a police box on the outside. He is partially successful, as the TARDIS transforms into an organ piano, a dresser and various other elements. However, he also starts detecting a distress signal, which leads him to Commander Llyton, who has once again teamed up with one of the Doctor’s enemies-the Cybermen.

This time the Cybermen have a complicated plot to rewrite their own history by saving their planet, Mondas (Destroyed in the final first Doctor Story The Tenth Planet) by time travelling. They’re conducting this plan from their base on Telos (From the Second Doctor story Tomb of The Cybermen). It’s eventually revealed that Lytton is actually a double agent for Telos’s resistance, but he is unfortunately almost turned into a Cybermen. The Doctor is able to defeat the Cybermen, but unfortunately is too late to save Lytton, who he feels he misjudged badly.

The Doctor’s next adventure takes him to Varos. The TARDIS is running low on a vital mineral to ensure it’s function, and Varos is one of the only places to get it. Unfortunately, Varos is a dystopic world where rebels are treated to ‘punishment domes’ with various horrors which are watched by the citizens. The planet is also being used by the cruel trader known as Sil, a greedy, slug like creature.


The Doctor is able to brave the punishment dome with the help of the rebels and Peri, and eventually overthrow’s Sil’s control and the despotic nature of Varos, allowing for the planet to finally be free. Plus, he gets the mineral he needed.


The next adventure takes the Doctor and Peri to the 19th century, to a Luddite uprising. Here, the sadistic time lady, the Rani-is conducting unethical experiments on the local workers, trying to increase their aggression even more. Helping her is of course another evil time lord. Guess who!


Master, Rani, and T-rex in her TARDIS.

The Doctor and Peri are able to stop the Master and Rani, sending her TARDIS on an unstable journey, along with a loose T-rex inside.


The next adventure is a complicated caper. The Second Doctor has been kidnapped by a group of unethical scientists allied with the Sontarans, and is being subjected to genetic experiments in Spain to extract the genes that make Time Lords able to pilot TARDISes so well. The Sixth Doctor senses the disturbance, and also teaming up with his old companion Jaime, heads to Seville, Spain in order to rescue his former incarnation, and an internal schism between the scientists and Sontarans takes care of the rest of the problems.


Two Doctors.


The next adventure is a bit of an odd one, with the Doctor going back to a planet he visited in his third incarnation (In an off-screen adventure), where a weird hybrid warlord is using time tunnels to punish rebels. The Doctor, teaming up with HG Wells, eventually defeats the bad guys. This one (“Timelash”) is considered one of the worst stories.

Finally, the Doctor arrives on the “funeral home” planet Necros, where he believes he will be paying respects to an old departed friend. Unfortunately, the planet is being used by Davros, who is using those interred in the tombs as genetic material to create another new race of Daleks (distinguished from the regular Daleks with Ivory and gold shells). Davros’s cover is that of a philanthropist, but naturally that doesn’t really fool anyone, and the Doctor along with those working at Necros quickly expose the ruse, amid plots and counter-plots. Also, a worker at Necros calls the original Daleks, who aren’t too pleased that their creator is once again trying to create Daleks loyal to him.

The new cream Daleks with the Doctor and Peri.


Naturally, the two factions resume their civil war. The original Daleks defeat their ivory cousins, and take Davros back to Skaro. It’s not over yet, though, as we’ll find out a few years down the line.


Dalek war.

The Doctor says he’ll take Peri to…END CREDITS.

It’s important at this point to bring up that the show was seriously in trouble behind the scenes. Due to ratings, audience reaction to Colin Baker’s Doctor, costs issues, BBC politics, and general messes behind the scenes, Doctor Who was put on hiatus in 1984. A planned season 23 was scrapped (hence the dialogue about the Doctor taking Peri to Blackpool was cut). Doctor Who would return in 1986, but a chain reaction of sorts had begun, one that would unfortunately lead to a 1989 cancellation for the series. But first, the show would be put on trial, on the screen and behind it.


Next: TRIAL OF A TIME LORD (In more ways than one.)








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