Doctor Who part 16-Time’s Champion

After the more light-hearted season 24, The Seventh Doctor era of Doctor Who takes a somewhat darker tone, as this Doctor largely drops the pratfalls, spoon-playing and tangled quotes of the previous season, and becomes a more manipulative, cold, and proactive incarnation.

He does that by first, literally returning to his roots.


He returns to London, 1963, to retrieve something he left behind when he left with Ian, Susan and Barbera on that first adventure-The Hand Of Omega, a coffin-like device that Omega used to create the black hole that gave the Time Lords mastery over time and space. He’s also tipped off the Daleks about the device. Unfortunately, he’s made an error in judgement-although initially planning to let one faction of Daleks steal the device, unfortunately the Daleks are still in the midst of a civil war between Davros’s Dalek faction and the original, Grey Daleks-and humans from 1963 might get hurt in the crossfire (The Daleks are already using human agents against each other, as well as the Doctor).  He also tries to keep Ace out of harm’s way, although she proves pretty handy with a baseball bat against a Dalek.


“Small Human female, sighted on level 3!” Who ya calling small?” SMACK!


Eventually, Davros’s Dalek faction-which now rules Skaro-manages to secure the Hand of Omega. Communicating with Davros, the Doctor feeds the Dalek creator’s ego, goading him into using the Hand on Skaro’s sun. However, the Doctor has already pre-programmed the Hand-to make Skaro’s sun go nova, largely crippling the Doctor’s arch-enemies.



After that adventure, the Doctor encounters a planet where sadness is forbidden, and Happiness is enforced by the Happiness Patrol and their strange robot enforcer, Kandyman. Although initially a return to silliness, this particular adventure has some interesting social messages.

After that, the Doctor gets involved with another forgotten Gallifreyan artifact, the Nemesis. The Nemesis is a defensive/offensive metal, carved in the likeness of 17th century madwoman Lady Peinforte when part of it landed on her estate. The statue of course has a lot of power, but the Doctor in the past separated the statue into three parts-the main body, a bow, and arrow. Peinforte has the arrow, a group of Neo nazis has the bow, and the Nemesis is safely in space, but unfortunately with a decaying orbit. Peinforte takes herself via another time storm similar to the one that took Ace to Iceworld to the 20th century for the Nemesis’s landing, while the Nazis show up with the bow, and the Doctor and Ace are also there to witness the statue falling and keep the different components from being linked and giving the two evil factions control of the Nemesis’s power.

However another group arrives-Cybermen. Things get a bit complicated.


Eventually the Cybermen are able to put together the Nemesis, and set it off the join their fleet. However, the Nemesis destroys the fleet instead. The Doctor has again pulled off his gamble with the Daleks-letting Gallifreyan technology into the wrong hands, only for it to literally blow up in their faces. The adventure leaves Ace wandering though, who is this strange alien she’s travelling with-what’s his name, and what link might he have with the artifacts he’s using. Could the Doctor have something to do with Gallifrey’s dark past?



The last adventure of the season brings us to the Psychic circus, a once reknowned galactic travelling circus which seems to be looking for new acts. However, in truth the circus has been captured by the aliens The Gods Of Ragnarok who are killing off certain acts who don’t amuse them, and enlist the aid of a creepy clown enforcer. Ace of course is initially reluctant to join in the Doctor’s investigation of the sinister goings-on at this circus, as she has a far of clowns. However, the Doctor is able to defeat the Gods of Ragnarok, although a bit too late to save the Circus’s other acts, apart from Werewolf Mags and a janitor.




Next-things get even darker as the Doctor deals with weird evolutions, Ace’s past and a Viking alien god–and then things come to an end. For a time.








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