Doctor Who Part 20-The Big Bad Wolf

In the next adventure, the Doctor brings Rose and Adam to the future Earth-orbiting space station Satellite Five, a news tower. However, the Doctor soon figures out that it appears that Satellite Five is controlling information-editing it and feeding it to the population to suit the interests of an alien being. While the Doctor and Rose try to unravel the mystery behind the station, Adam wonders off and gets himself surgically altered to absorb the future information and news, hoping to exploit it in the present day. The Doctor and Rose, after defeating the alien force controlling Satellite Five (Or so they think)-stop Adam, and kick him off the TARDIS for his unethical behavior.


The next adventure has the Doctor take Rose back to her past, to witness the father she never knew, who died in a car accident. However, Rose decides to stop the car accident from happening, creating a paradox, causing these strange, winged monsters called the “Reavers” to attempt to consume everything.

After bonding a bit with her father-Pete, Pete decides the only way to unravel the paradox is to have history unfold the way it did originally. He gets hit by the car again, restoring history to it’s present course, but at least this time he got to know his adult daughter before he dies.


Next we meet one of the most important characters in “New Who”-Captain Jack Harkness.

A device has crashed in World War London, during the blitz. It’s changing local people-including a small child-into strange zombies wearing gas masks. Turns out it’s a plan gone wrong, by time traveller-and con man-Captain Jack Harkness, who unfortunately let some medical nanomachines get out of control.

Jack and Rose-but not Dicaprio and Winslet.

Jack flirts with everyone-and everything, and a bit mercenary, but at heart he’s a good man, and agrees to help the Doctor and Rose figure out the mystery of these creatures, along with the help of a local girl (The young mother of the child-who was the “patient zero” of the Nanomachine virus turning people into these zombies). The Doctor is able to cure the infected people with Jack’s help, proudly proclaiming “Everybody lives!”

Despite Jack’s involvement in creating the mess, and his flirting with Rose (and him), the Doctor decides to invite Jack as a companion on the TARDIS.

Next, we return to the present, where the Doctor is recharging the TARDIS using the riff in Cardiff, from the Charles Dickens adventure earlier in the season. They also meet up with Rose’s ex-boyfriend Mickey, who is still bitter about losing Rose to the Doctor (and isn’t too pleased with Jack either). However, it soon turns out the last remaining Slitheen is causing trouble, although the Doctor is able to stop her by reverting her back into an egg using the TARDIS’s “heart”.

The next adventure wraps up the season. The Doctor, unexpectedly finds himself back on Satellite Five, which now for some reason hosts a variety of game and reality shows, such as futuristic versions of The Weakest Link and Big Brother. The Doctor also is noticing more and more how the words “Bad Wolf” have been following him on his adventures, appearing seemingly randomly as graffiti, callsigns, conversations etc.

“You are the weakest link. Goodbye!”.

Turns out that satellite Five is being used to filter out humanity, by an unknown alien race, also responsible for the mess years earlier. Rose is apparently killed, but in actuality, is actually transported to an alien starship.

The Doctor is able to figure out where the alien signals are originating from. An alien fleet…but not just any fleet. The saucers are familiar to the Doctor…



Daleks. Thousands of them-and they’ve got Rose. The Doctor, despite threats from the Daleks, is defiant-and vows to rescue her.

The Doctor, along with Jack, quickly board the Dalek flagship and save Rose. They also discover the reason the Daleks have survived yet again-The Dalek Emperor-a massive Dalek-survived the Time War, and has been mutating humans into Daleks using satellite Five, rebuilding the Dalek race from scratch. He’s also gone a bit nuts, thinking he’s a god.

The Doctor and his companions escape back to Satellite Five, trying to formulate a plan to defeat the Daleks. The Doctor sends Rose and the TARDIS back to Earth, sending her out of harm’s way. The Doctor builds a weapon, but unfortunately with the same consequence as the Time War-it’ll destroy the Daleks, but also kill humans as well.

Rose, in the present-and noticing the “Bad Wolf” stuff now showing up even more than before-heads to the TARDIS to open up the console, causing the TARDIS to return to the future, but also filling her with Time vortex energy. In the meantime, the battle against the Daleks on Satellite Five goes poorly, with pretty much everyone dying-including Jack.

The Doctor is about to get exterminated himself, when unexpectedly, Rose shows up with the TARDIS-and god-like powers. As the “Bad Wolf” she’s been able to use her new powers to create all the Bad Wolf signs around the ages, as a beacon to bring her to this point. She also wipes out the Dalek fleet entirely, and brings Jack back to life (Which will have major consequences down the line).



However, all that power is killing her. The Doctor kisses her, siphoning all the energy into himself.


Of course that’s not healthy for the Doctor either. He brings her back into the TARDIS, unfortunately leaving the revived Jack behind.

The Doctor is once again regenerating, due to the energy from the time vortex he got from Rose killing his own cells. After giving a farewell to Rose in his current incarnation, he once again changes (Although the time, standing up)

Into a younger looking male, with a slimmer physique, fuller head of messy hair, and a wicked smile…


The Tenth Doctor has arrived, and it’s going to be one hell of a ride.














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