Metal Gear and Star Wars Part II: Clone War and Peace Walker

The deaths of their mother figures have now sent Big Boss and Anakin/Vader on their fateful path. However, both find themselves in new alliances and conflicts, and also leading armies-and in the grip of a man whose goal is power. The physical cost is also starting to mount for both. In Snake Eater, Big Boss has lost an eye, and also now wears a bandana in memory of his mentor. In the coming Clone conflict, Anakin will lose an arm, replacing it with a cybernetic one, and hence beginning the path before “becoming more machine than man”.

Patriots. Big Boss is on the far left, with Paramedic, Zero in the center, and Donald Anderson on the right.

Big Boss and his Snake Eater crew-eventually uncover the microfilm the Boss’s mission was meant to uncover, and use it re-form the Philosophers, as the “Patriots”. Their goal is to unite the world, to realize the dream of their fallen mentor and friend. However, this dream soon becomes a nightmare, as Zero-along with Dr. Clark (Para Medic) and Signit (Donald Anderson) begin to become more and more greedy and power hungry, ending up with them cloning Snake-now called “Big Boss” by some due to him defeating the Boss. This is so Big Boss can be a sort of rallying symbol for their organization-and should he leave, he will continue to be by way of his sons.”The Les Infant Terribles” are of course, created-the Sons of Big Boss.

This incident of course causes Snake, along with Ocelot and Eva, to leave the organization. However, Zero isn’t letting them go that easily….

Star Wars wise, as Anakin’s mother dies, things around the galaxy are in turmoil as there’s a complex plot afoot. The Jedi’s enemies, the Sith, have orchestrated a master plan a millennia in the making, putting Sith Lord Darth Sidious into total control of the galaxy (unbeknownst to the Jedi). As Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Sidious orchestrates conflict-first, the Naboo crisis in which we first meet Anakin, and on a much larger scale, the Clone Wars, with his Republic armed with Clone Soldiers against the Separatist-led Battle Droid armies, who wish to break away from the Republic and form their own independent confederacy. Of course he’s actually playing both sides to get further power for himself, eventually leading to the abolishment of both the Republic and the Separatists, and a new order in their place-The Galactic Empire.

The Clone Wars and Snake in the Peace Walker inciddent

Big Boss, likewise, finds himself leading the Militaries San Frontieras, or MSF, who are a mercenary force, or private army, who will work for certain causes. Like the Jedi and the Clones, they become part of a larger mission, one in which Zero is pretty much pulling the strings, like Palpatine-The Peace Walker incident, in which a nuclear-armed AI weapon-the Peace Walker-is involved, one which has an AI control that possesses a ‘brain’ based on the Boss.

Despite Peace Walker not really being the Boss physically, Big Boss is somewhat convinced it reflects his mentor’s spirit, and her choices. When the Walker submerges itself to prevent a nuclear launch, Big Boss now believes that the Boss “put down her gun”. However, instead of Big Boss doing the same, he’s so much into war and chaos now, that he finally accepts his Big Boss title for real, largely rejecting his former title of Snake. However his turn into darkness is not quite complete.

The Clone Wars in turn somewhat darken Anakin’s opinions about the Jedi, and he does make several questionable acts during the war itself.

In both cases, our hero/villains have a consciousnesses of sorts, a fellow hero who is holding them back. In Anakin’s case, it’s his secret wife Padme Amidalia, and his mentor and friend Obi-Wan Kenobi. In Metal Gear, it’s Snake’s second in command Kazuhira Miller, and other allies of MSF such as the optimistic teen Paz Ortega.

However, a series of coups, betrayals, death, lost limbs and scars will further warp these once legendary heroes into infamous villains, and turn friends into enemies.

Kazuhira Miller and Obi-Wan, kind of rocking the mullet.

And two ultimate weapons will emerge…one that gives the series it’s name, the other which keeps showing up in some form in the movies.

Metal Gear ZEKE and the Death Star.

But that’s for another article down the line…


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