Metal Gear and Star Wars Part IV-Phantom limbs

Warning: Some Spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V follow.

When we last left Anakin and Big Boss, they were gravely injured. Anakin, pretty much a burnt, one-armed torso due to the swordsmanship of his old friend and mentor,Obi-Wan Kenobi and the lava flows of Mustafar, after he betrayed and killed a large number of Jedi; and Big Boss, badly injured along with several of his allies, in a helicopter crash after his HQ Mother Base was destroyed, leaving his mercenary force, The Militaries San Frontieras, decimated. Anakin, in turn, has lost Padme and he presumes, his unborn child.

Anakin’s fall is more or less complete. Big Boss has still a bit left though.

Anakin is reconstructed by Palpatine into the Darth Vader we know, with his menacing black armor and deep, wheezing voice.

Big Boss, although badly injured, survives but in a coma. Kaz also survives and recovers more quickly. A medic also survives, with a similar fate.

Here things get a little tricky. Both Big Boss and the medic are in a coma for nine years. When Big Boss finally awakens, the medic awakens shortly thereafter. Zero,  feeling the world still needs Snake/Big Boss despite their differences-and to get back at the treacherous skull face-helps to create a “Phantom” Big Boss out of the medic-using hypnotism and plastic surgery to make him believe he’s Big Boss-to serve as a decoy/double for Snake, despite his injuries being far more severe (a lost arm and severe shrapnel embedded in his head). After a hospital escape aided by the real Big Boss, the fake Snake (codenamed Venom Snake) helps to rebuild the Outer Heaven mercenaries along with Kaz Miller, as “Diamond Dogs” and takes on Skull Face and his new Metal Gear, as well as exiling  the scientist Huey Emmerich, who helped betray MSF many years ago,  while the real Big Boss remains mostly hidden during these events, although he eventually returns to the states and finds FOXHOUND, a special operations organization which will eventually train Big Boss’s main clones-David “Solid” Snake and Eli “Liquid” Snake (The Phantom also comes across Eli in his adventures).

It’s also worth noting, although Big Boss does not received any more disfiguring injuries, Venom Snake eventually is giving a cybernetic arm, which along with his shrapnel horn and slightly more aloof persona, distinguishes him from the “real” Big Boss.

Although the Phantom Boss getting a replacement cyborg limb is similar to Darth Vader’s transformation from hero to Cyborg, it’s interesting to note the color and appearance is somewhat similar to the recent appearance of another Star Wars character, C-3PO.

The Phantom/Venom eventually discovers that he isn’t Big Boss, but despite this, begins working with his former commander and doppelganger to help build Outer Heaven, a new nation-based mercenary fortress where mercenaries will have a home, and also as a counter to Zero’s growing Patriots, who are gaining more power, even deprived of their leader.

Kaz also discovers the truth, and he’s not happy that he’s been misled, vowing to take down Big Boss by training Solid Snake, making him stronger to send his ‘father’ to hell.

Obi-Wan Kenobi likewise spirits Luke Skywalker, Anakin’s infant son-born after all along with Leia, his sister-to Tatooine, where he will quickly watch over him while he’s in the care of Anakin’s stepbrother Owen and his wife Beru.


Vader joins Palpatine as the Galactic Empire is established.

To reinforce Outer Heaven’s sovereignty, Big Boss figures he’s going to need a detterent. Like he did with Mother Base, he once again begins development on a new Metal Gear, the TX-55.

Likewise, Vader and the Emperor oversee the construction of the Death Star, a massive space station with the power to destroy a planet, and make the Empire’s rule over the galaxy even more ironclad.

Next: The Sins of the Father


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