Doctor Who Part 21: The Tennant Doctor


After defeating the Daleks and regenerating, the new Doctor-the tenth incarnation (David Tennant)  is going through the usual unstable regeneration. The TARDIS very nearly crash-lands into Rose’s apartment complex, revealing the new Doctor to the startled Jackie and Mickey-and on Christmas, as well.

The Doctor is mostly unconscious, with brief moments of lucidity, as his regeneration stabilizes. Unfortunately, it’s at a time he’s needed, as an alien warrior race called the Sycorax has arrived. Also, Rose-not really aware of regeneration beforehand-is unsure what to think of this new man. Prime Minister Harriet Jones tries to deal with the alien invasion, with the help of UNIT. Unfortunately, her efforts aren’t quite up to snuff. Eventually the aliens capture Rose, Mickey, and the unconscious Doctor on-board the TARDIS. Rose tries to negotiate with the  Sycorax using what she learned from the Doctor, but her efforts are also wasted, in part because the Doctor’s state has scrambled the TARDIS circuits (which are able to translate alien languages). However, with a bit of hot tea spilled in the TARDIS helping to clear his head, the Doctor is able to recover.


“Miss me?”

The new Doctor is more of a charmer, with a bit of a chip on his shoulder at times and degree of vanity. He also wears his emotions more on his sleeve than previous incarnations. He’s also got some impressive fighting skills, as we learn as he challenges the Sycorax leader to open combat. Although he loses his hand (Which will be important later on), he’s able to use enough regeneration energy to grow a brand new one.

“This new hand-It’s a fightin’ hand!”

He’s able to defeat the Sycorax leader, ordering the Sycorax to leave the planet. However, as they do, Harriet orders a laser (scavenged from some other alien spaceship) to fire and destroy their ship. This infuriates the Doctor, who then spreads rumors about Harriet’s health, beginning her downfall.


The Doctor decides on a new outfit, with pinstriped suit and pants, and large brown coat, as well as sneakers.

Taking Rose with him again, the new Doctor and Rose say goodbye to Mickey and Jackie, and embark on new adventures.

Their next adventure takes them to New Earth, where mankind in the future has settled after Earth’s destruction in the earlier Ninth Doctor adventure. Cassandra from that episode has also returned, and in turn possesses Rose and the Doctor’s bodies. The three of them however uncover a conspiracy by a group of Cat-like alien nurses to hold a monopoly on cures. Cassandra then takes the body of her servant, and visits herself as a young woman using the TARDIS before dying for good.

Next, the Doctor and Rose go to Victorian Scotland, and literally meet Queen Victoria. They all wind up at the Torchwood Estate, where a group of monks are conspiring to turn the Queen into a werewolf (using their own) to bring England under the control of an Empire of the Wolf. Eventually defeating the Werewolf, the Queen is not quite amused by their adventure, and starts the Torchwood institute, devoted to protecting the English Empire from aliens-and something which will be pivotal later as well.

The next adventure has the Doctor investigate a school where the kids are smarter than they should be. Turns out they’re being manipulated by an alien race who want to use their ingenuity to find the answer to a powerful, reality-controlling equation. Rose goes undercover as a cook, Mickey is backup support, and the Doctor poses as a teacher. However, someone else is investigating….and it’s a familiar face: Journalist Sarah Jane Smith.


The Doctor is overjoyed to see his old friend and companion again, although she doesn’t recognize him because of his regeneration right away. However, it soon becomes clear when she spots the familiar blue box.

As they uncover the school mystery (part of a group of bat like aliens are giving alien food to the kids to speed up their minds)  The Doctor also enlists the help of K-9 Mark III. Although different from the ones who left for Gallifrey and E-space, this unit was given to a gift to Sarah Jane many years ago (In the special K-9 and company, which will be covered in a future post).

Despite some initial jealousy over the Doctor…Sarah and Rose start to work together as well.

The bad guys are defeated,  although unfortunately K-9 Mark III is lost. After tearfully saying goodbye to his reacquainted friend, the Doctor leaves her a new K-9 unit, the Mark IV. Meanwhile, Mickey-who gets along a lot better with this Doctor than his predecessor-decides to join as a full-time companion. Sarah’s story however, is far from over.



The next adventure takes the Doctor to a strange patchwork spaceship, where a group of equally confused patchwork robots are building time tunnels to the life of Madame Pompadour. The Doctor protects her at several key points of her life from the robots.

and two even have a brief romance:

However, the Doctor is unable to see her one last time before she dies.


Next, an accident draws the Doctor into an alternate version of Earth, where the sky is dominated by blimps, and Rose’s father is still alive, but also wealthy and successful. However, it’s also a universe where one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies are about to be reborn-on Earth.



The Cybermen are back. Although they’re not quite the same…

Next: The second half of season two of the new series.


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