Metal Gear and Star Wars finale-Solid Sons

Years pass in both franchises. Big Boss-along with Venom Snake, his double-establish the nation-based Outer Heaven, and work to reinforce it with a powerful deterrent-The Metal Gear TX-55. Big Boss also moonlights as the commander of special group FOXHOUND, keeping his mercenaries activities and nation-building secret.

Palpatine’s Empire dominates the Star Wars galaxy for two decades, but cracks begin to grow-the rebellion, although Palpatine means to quell it with the Death Star’s completion.

And their progeny come of age-Luke, who in a series of events, becomes custodian of the Death Star plans hidden in droid R2-D2. He’s briefly mentored-and some of his true history revealed-by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he has also befriends Han Solo, Chewbacca-and unbeknownst to him at the time-his twin sister, Leia Organa.

David, in the meanwhile (unaware of his parentage at this time), is trained by Big Boss and becomes “Solid Snake”. His twin brother, Eli, joins the SAS in Britain. Snake is further trained by Miller in survival techniques-although Miller only does so that Solid Snake can defeat Big Boss. Only Eli however is aware of his true legacy, and his brother’s career.

Both Luke and Snake are pretty much sent head first to his father’s legacy. Luke, of course, aims to become a Jedi like his father-but is unaware that his father went to the dark side, and became the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Vader kills Obi-Wan, further giving Luke reason to hate the villain. Snake becomes a mercenary agent/soldier much like his father.

Both destroy the main weapons that their father is involved in during their adventure. Vader, however, escapes the station’s destruction. Big Boss, likewise, survives the Outer Heaven incident (His double Venom Snake, however, is killed by Solid Snake), although he’s exposed as a traitor and forced to fake his death (using Venom) and flee.

Both father and son would have a real confrontation in the sequels, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and METAL GEAR II: SOLID SNAKE.  However, the major plot of SOLID SNAKE more closely mirrors RETURN OF THE JEDI, as in both cases, the weapons are remade-In Star Wars, it’s the Death Star, now a much larger version under construction over the Endor moon. Big Boss creates a new Metal Gear, Metal Gear D, and uses it to fortify his new Outer Heaven, now located in Zanzibar land.

Both are considerably larger and more powerful than their predecessors.

However, it’s in EMPIRE that Luke confronts Darth Vader and learns that the dark lord is, in fact, his father-in disbelief. Solid Snake also learns that Big Boss is his father in Zanzibar land (Although this fact isn’t mentioned until the third game in the series, Metal Gear Solid).

Luke’s battle with Vader ends with a mutual failure. Luke is defeated, loses his arm and has this stunning revelation shocking him to the core, plus Han has been frozen and captured by the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Vader, however, is unable to deliver his son to the Emperor, as Luke is able to very narrowly escape.

Big Boss isn’t quite as lucky. His son defeats him-for real this time-leaving him badly burnt-and once again, in a coma (although Snake believes his father is dead).

Here Big Boss largely exits the story, but he’ll be back for one final scene later on. The rest of the saga is mainly driven by his other sons, Liquid and Solidus.

Liquid sort of wants to create a twisted version of his father’s legacy, driving the plot of the first Metal Gear Solid. He’s also somewhat petulant and whiny at times. In his case, he actually more closely resembles another Star Wars character, but one still related to Vader-Vader’s grandson through Leia, Kylo Ren (or Ben Solo) from The Force Awakens.

Both have  a snowy secret base:

and a variaton on the weapon on an earlier variation-Metal Gear (Through Metal Gear Rex) and the Death Star (Starkiller):

Between this and the Venom/Threepio arm, perhaps there actually is something here. Then there’s this:

Force Awakens director/writer J.J Abrams and Metal Gear director/writer Hideo Kojima. Hmmm…..

Anyway,It’s in the Solid series that although Big Boss’s story is more or less over, that we have interesting characters that sort of have some similarities to Star War’s other characters. Apart from Master Miller (sort of) and Campbell, a couple of new characters are introduced. Miller and Liquid sort of serve as one of the game’s biggest twist, as it’s revealed that Miller was recently killed, and Liquid has been assuming his identity to mislead Snake.

MGS sort of introduces the series’s ‘tough girl’ character, Meryl Silverburg (Campbell’s estranged daughter), who often gives men the orders, just like a certain princess:

Like Leia, she actually doesn’t settle with the main character, but instead one of the other guys, Han (For reasons that become very clear in “Return of the Jedi”-she’s Luke’s sister). It’s here also that Metal Gear sort of has the opposite of the Star Wars dynamic. Luke is portrayed, at least as first, as sort of very naive, although he grows in confidence and skill throughout the series. Solid Snake, like Han, sort of has a calm, cool, sort of ‘badass’ attitude from the beginning, although he eventually becomes a warmer, more emotional persona. So in a sense his characterization is more akin to Han Solo, and Snake’s supporting men, Otacon, Luke, and later Johnny (Who marries Meryl) are sort of like Luke-naive, more innocent, pawns of the villains etc.

Hal “Otacon”‘s Emmerich (Son of the treacherous Huey Emmerich, but a decent guy on his own) is sort of a brainy scientist who initially develops the Metal Gear REX, until he finds out what it’s being used for, and he becomes Snake’s best friend and tech support. His love interests also pretty much meet bad fates, although at the end he is able to raise an adopted Daughter. Raiden is a man who is manipulated by Zero’s Patriots, with his memories and perceptions tampered with, although he eventually becomes a cyborg ninja. Johnny, initially one of the bad guys-and notable for his frequent stomach and bowel problems, ends up a decent soldier and Meryl’s husband.

So what of Big Boss and Vader’s fates? Vader of course is finally shown the light by his son, who appeals to the good man hidden within him, causing him to finally turn back to the light when the Emperor tortures and prepares to kill Luke. He throws the Emperor down the Death Star’s reactor shaft, killing the man who started this whole mess.

In Big Boss’s case, the events of Metal Gear Solid IV, and the overthrow of the Patriot’s AI, awakens him from his coma, and he too ends the cycle of evil he and Zero were partially responsible for.

He does this by shutting down Zero’s life support, which has been keeping him alive since the 70’s.

The action proves fatal for both. The Emperor’s force lightning damages Vader’s suit and body, causing him to die in his son’s arms. However, he’s finally redeemed and able to become a “Force ghost”.

Big Boss in coming back to life, is exposed to “Foxdie”, a virus implanted in Solid Snake, that is used to target certain individuals-a last insurance from the patriots. Reconciling himself with his mistakes, and honoring his mentor the boss with one last salute, he also passes away, but with one last smile, and cigar shared with his son.

It’s here Solid Snake’s story pretty much also comes to an end. As a clone, he’s programmed with ‘terminator genes’ which cause him to age rapidly. However, he’s able to live his last few months in relative peace, compared to his constant battles, although his friend Raiden will have to face a few more battles due to events after the Patriots AI are defeated in the spin-off game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Luke however, ages naturally through 30 years. Unfortunately, things get a bit rough for him, as we learn in the Force Awakens, as his attempt to rebuild the Jedi order failed due to the actions of Kylo Ren and his mysterious dark side master, Snoke. His is a story that’s not yet finished. We’ll find out next year, perhaps, what the next step is in his journey.


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