Doctor Who History-The stuff of legends


When we last left the Tenth Doctor, Rose, and Mickey, they had accidentally landed in an alternate universe, where Rose’s father Pete is still alive and successful.

“Trust me on this!”

However, things aren’t quite right here. People are getting their news from Cybus Industries via an earbud, and the Doctor senses that something strange is afoot. In addition, Mickey encounters his alternate reality doppelgänger Rickey, part of a group opposing Cybus:


While the Doctor and Rose, undercover at a party, discover that there is no Rose in this universe (well, except for a dog). There is an alternate Jackie, even more spoiled than the main one:


The Doctor and co. soon discover that the ear buds are in fact being used to help convert-or ‘upgrade’ people by crazy Cybus leader John Lumic:

Into a new, Earth-based version of the Cybermen (as opposed to the alien Cybermen from the Doctor’s home universe). These particular Cybermen largely are more mechanical than those in the regular “Whoniverse”-their only organic component being a brain.

As the Cybermen literally ‘crash’ the party, the Doctor is able to escape with Rose, Pete, Rickey and their group. As it turns out, Pete is actually undercover working for the rebels. As much of the alternate London are converted into Cybermen-including Jackie-The Doctor and his allies intend to infiltrate and destroy Lumic’s power source.

Lumic, in the meantime, is converted into this universe’s Cybercontroller.


The Doctor is able to stop Lumic two ways-by disabling the transmitter to the earpods, breaking the mind control signal making people walk to the Cyberconversion factories, and secondly, disabling the Cybermen’s emotional inhibitors, causing them to realize the horror of what they’ve become, which causes them to freak out and destroy themselves mostly. In the battle, Mickey’s alternate Ricky is killed, and due to the fact that Mickey’s long-missed grandmother is alive in this universe, he decides to stay and help fight the remaining Cybermen with the rebels. The Doctor and Rose bid Mickey a fond farewell (a far cry from how things started between the two men).

The next adventure takes the two into the 1950s, during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. However, an evil alien entity-“The Wire” has possessed a TV signal and plans to feed on people watching the broadcast. The Doctor and Rose are able to stop the creature.

The next adventure isn’t quite as easy. The Doctor and Rose land on a spooky planet with a station in the future, orbiting a black hole, something thought to be impossible. In addition, there’s weird alien writing over the place, members of the station’s crew are dying in strange ways, and the alien servants of the crew-The Ood-are acting kind of strange. Also there’s been an Earthquake which has unfortunately buried the TARDIS.


The crew of the station is attempting to discover what’s going on by drilling to the core of the planet. The Doctor agrees to help out with the expedition, while Rose stays above. The Doctor discovers some strange ruins near the core.

Then, literally, all hell breaks loose. The Ood start to lash out and kill the crew, and one of the crew-Tobey-is possessed by some entity:



The Doctor descends further into the pit, where he discovers the physical form of this “Beast”-a nasty giant devil monster.

It’s imprisoned by the gravity around the planet, and there’s a simple solution, a group of jars that hold the gravity field in place, that if smashed will cause the planet to collapse into the black hole and kill the demon-although it could also kill the Doctor and Rose if they get sucked in. The Doctor however, has enough faith in Rose to risk it, and he’s able to recover the TARDIS in time to save Rose (Who takes care of Toby) and the bases’s sole survivor, while the planet sinks into the black hole.

Their next adventure is an experimental one, of sorts-a “Doctor lite” adventure where the focus is not on the Doctor, but a bystander affected by his adventures. In this case it’s Elton Pope. He’s formed a Doctor “fan club” called LINDA (London Investigate N’ Detective agency), studying the Doctor’s various adventures-in which he comes across Jackie (Who he flirts with a bit before Jackie realizing he just wants info on Rose) and some sightings of Rose and the Doctor.


However, LINDA is infiltrated by a nasty alien, The Absorbamaloff, who plans to absorb the Doctor, and already does so to all the LINDA members except for Elton.

The Doctor and Rose arrive  and with Elton’s help are able to defeat the disgusting creature, although they’re only able to partially save Elton’s girlfriend, who is pretty much a sentient piece of concrete.

(Love and Monsters-this story-is generally not well liked by a lot of fans, if you haven’t guessed already).

The next adventure takes the Doctor and Rose to suburban London, where people are vanishing and it seems to be the doing of a creepy, despondent girl who appears to be absorbing them into her drawings.


Turns out it’s the work of a strange alien symbiont, which Rose is able to expel once the Doctor is absorbed into the drawings.

The next adventure wraps up the Doctor and Roses’s adventures together. Returning to visit Jackie, it turns out there’s a strange phenomenon around London-a group of human-shaped phantom creatures are wandering around. People assume they’re ghosts, and are harmless. The Doctor of course is naturally suspicious.

Ghostbusters, Doctor style.


Turns out the ghost manifestations are emanating from Torchwood, the organization founded by Queen Victoria to exploit captured alien technology and use it to protect Britain. The Doctor brings Jackie and Rose along,and he’s highly disapproving of Torchwood’s methods, which are not only causing the ghosts to appear, but have also captured a strange sphere which might have some relation. The Doctor figures out that the ghosts-and the sphere (A “Void ship”)-have crossed over from other dimensions.

However, turns out that Torchwood has been infiltrated by something familiar. A mind-controlled Torchwood operative increases the Ghost activity, allowing more ghosts to come through-and to materialize in their true form.

This face will become a bit more familiar later on.

“We come from France”

They’re Cybermen from Pete’s world-and there’s a whole army of them who have crossed over and want to convert Earth.

While all this is starting to go down, Rose finds Mickey, who has also crossed over in an attempt to stop the invasion. He’s been keeping an eye on the sphere, which he reasons is important Cybertechnology. The Doctor however, knows that the sphere is too advanced for Lumic’s Cybermen. The Cybermen reveal the sphere isn’t their’s, but it did allow the barriers between universes to be weakened so they could pass through.

It then turns out that the sphere doesn’t contain anything Cyber, but something far, far worse.



Four Daleks (as well as a mysterious device called “The genesis Ark”). These Daleks are the cult of Skaro-a group of Daleks who think “outside the box”-and war is about to begin between two of the Doctor’s archenemies.


Next: We say goodbye to Rose, and welcome Martha and Donna. Also, the mystery of Harold Saxon.



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