Doctor who history: Mr. Smith and Mr. Saxon

As the new series Doctor Who start it’s third season, we are introduced not only to one companion, but two-although one would sit out the season before joining the Doctor full time: Donna Noble.


Donna’s sort of loud, obnoxious, and quick-witted, but also compassionate. She first appears in the TARDIS in her bridal gown, transported there for no apparent reason, leaving both confused. Turns out she’s about to be married, but for some reason materialized in the TARDIS as she walked down the aisle.


Turns out she’s been dosed with time particles by her fiancee, who is really just working for an alien Spider-creature known as the Racknoss, who wants to free her offspring from the bottom of the Earth using that energy. The Doctor is able to defeat the Racnoss and the crooked fiancee, and returns Donna home. Before departing, Donna says that the Doctor needs a companion, to keep him in check-and to help get over his guilt over Rose.

We next meet Martha Jones, a resourceful medical student, who also is attracted to the Doctor (He’s still pining after Rose though). The Doctor’s investigating a hospital, where she’s working. He’s trying to find a vampiric creature known as the Plasmavore, who is actually an elderly woman at the hospital. However, the hospital is soon transported to the moon, where a group of rhino-like alien policemen-the Judoon-are also after the Plasmavore. Martha helps the Doctor single out the plasmavore-who the Judoon execute-and he offers companionship to her. We also learn she had a lookalike cousin who died in the Cybermen/Dalek war (Hence explaining actress Freema’s Agyeman’s earlier appearence). He’s still hung up on Rose though, and hence is mostly oblivious to Martha’s advances.


Martha’s first trip back in time takes them to Elizabethan England, where they meet William Shakespeare. He’s being manipulated by a trio of witches-actually aliens who are powered by words-to write a sequel to Love’s Labor’s Lost to free the rest of their species to confinement. The Doctor however is able to reverse this by using their powers against them using Will’s word’s-as well as Martha using a quote from a Harry Potter novel.

Next, the Doctor re-visits New Earth, but something’s not quite right. The city seems to be in a permanent traffic gridlock in the lower levels. Turns out, a radical drug backfired on the surface, creating an epidemic which wiped out the population on the surface, and the only survivors are in the traffic gridlock below. Unfortunately, they’re being attacked by the Macra, crab-like monsters encountered by the second Doctor. However, with the help of the mysterious alien head-creature known as the Face of Boe, the Doctor is able to free the people in the gridlock, since the epidemic has long dissipated. The Face has one final message for the Doctor before he passes away-“You are not alone.”-implying, perhaps-that there is another surviving time lord out there. The Doctor however, dismisses the possibility….


The next adventure takes the Doctor to 1930’s New York. However, strange things are afoot as the Empire State Building is being built. People recruited to build the structure have been vanishing, and strange mutant pig-men lurk the sewers.


Yes, that’s 2012-2014 Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. Next to him you might also remember Hugh Quarshie, who had roles in Highlander and Star Wars:The Phantom Menace.

Turns out that it’s the Cult of Skaro Daleks, who are using the Empire State Building as a sort of lightning rod with solar flare radiation to conduct experiments hoping to revitalize the Dalek race.

This includes having Dalek Sec-the leader of the Cult-merge with a businessman and morph into a strange hybrid creature. Basically, a guy with a Dalek mutant for a head, wearing a business suit.

This episode wasn’t considered that great.

Ultimately they try to create more hybrids out of workers, but the Doctor interferes, adding some of his DNA to them, causing them to rebel against the Daleks and defeat them. Sec, feeling human emotions, also tries to appeal to his fellow ‘brothers’, but they imprison and later exterminate him. Soon, there’s only one Dalek left-Dalek Caan, who escapes.

The Doctor and Martha next return to the modern day, where an elderly scientist Dr.Lazarus-funded by a mysterious Mr. Saxon-has invited Martha’s family to a technological demonstration-one where he is able to become younger. However, the process backfires, and Lazarus transforms into a grotesque mutant. The Doctor is able to defeat the mutant, but Martha’s mother is convinced that the Doctor is dangerous-and is later given a warning by the mysterious Mr. Saxon-who appears to know the Doctor somehow (hmmm….) confirming her fears.



The Doctor next arrives on a spaceship in the future, unfortunately a sentient sun has possessed a member of the crew and is killing them off. Francine-via a modded cell phone-continues to warn her daughter of the dangers of the Doctor-but it appears she’s being monitored as this is going on.

The next adventure has the Doctor and Martha on the run from a group of mysterious aliens called the Family of Blood, who want the Doctor’s time lord power. The Doctor decides on an unorthodox temporary solution to this problem: become human using a watch-like device known as the Chameleon arch. The Doctor’s memory, and most of his DNA, are kept in the “watch”, and he fabricates a persona for himself as an early 20th century school teacher, with Martha undercover as a maid to watch over the Doctor, who now believes he’s just a perfectly human teacher.


However, there are complications. The Family of Blood is on his trail and have possessed local people as hosts. The watch winds up in the possession of one of the students, who begins to display some personality traits similar to the Doctor-and “John Smith” has fallen in love with the school nurse, which makes Martha jealous. Oops.


The family soon close in on “John”, revealing his true identity. After learning of this, John Smith-in order to save the school-figures he must become the Doctor again, but not before a glimpse of “what might have been” had he remained human.




The Doctor returns, and defeats and imprisons the Family of Blood. He offers nurse Joan companionship, but she turns him down.

The next story is a “Doctor lite”, but this one’s much better. In “Blink” we first meet the Weeping Angels. The Angels are an alien species that seem to resemble stone statues of angels covering their eyes. But look away, and they come to life and zap you into the past, where they feed on the life you would have had. The Doctor and Martha have unfortunately been zapped as well and the TARDIS stuck in the present.Using the aid of those zapped into the past, the Doctor manages to record a series of DVD Easter eggs which a woman-Sally Sparrow-whose friend was also taken by the angels-must unravel in order to send the TARDIS back to where the Doctor and Martha are.

Using the Doctor’s clues and the help of video clerk Larry-she’s able to send the TARDIS into the past so the Doctor and Martha can use it again and not be stuck in one time/space, and also neutralize the angels.


The next adventure has the Doctor step off into Cardiff, where he’s using the power of the rift there to help “refuel” the TARDIS. However, Captain Jack is also in Cardiff, running a smaller version of Torchwood, and also in possession of the Doctor’s original severed hand from the Sycorax invasion.

Turns out Jack, due to Rose resurrecting him with the Time vortex-is no effectively immortal-he can die, but almost instantly returns to life. He’s been looking to catch up with the Doctor to help solve this kind of curse, but due to his anomalous position in time, the Doctor is sort of irrationally afraid of him.

Jack boards the TARDIS-from the outside-and sends it whirling into the time vortex, “killing” him, and also sending the ship deep into the far future, where the last vestiges of humanity have either devolved into savage ‘futurekind’, or are hunkered down in a colony, trying to prepare a ship for a semi-mythical planet called “Utopia”. Unfortunately, they’ve had problems getting the ship running with their limited technology. They’re assisted by a kind, but befuddled professor called Yana.


Yana seems to however hear a constant drumming in his head, and seems to half-remember things about time travel, the TARDIS, regeneration and the Doctor somehow. After the Doctor is able to fix the rocket’s engines, all this comes to a head, when Martha suddenly realizes that Yana’s pocket watch is a chameleon arch. Yana, is a time lord who has also made himself human.

Martha quickly runs to the Doctor to tell him the news, and realizes Yana’s name is code for “You are not alone”. Meanwhile, back in his lab, Yana-hearing long-forgotten voices from the watch-opens it, restoring his personality.

Within seconds, Yana’s persona changes from doddering, kind professor to murderous. He reveals his name is not “Yana”-that it was a fiction. His real name….

The Master has returned. Suddenly realizing this, the Doctor attempts to get to the TARDIS before the Master can get in. He doesn’t, although The Master is shot by “Yana’s” assistant, fatally wounding his current body

Locking the door behind him-and leaving the Doctor, Martha and Jack up against the degenerated future humans-the Master then regenerates in the console room (Having regained the ability to regenerate probably during the time war, since he was a ‘body snatcher’ for a while.)


Into a younger body, not too much unlike the Doctor’s, and with a similar sense of humor.

The Doctor pleads for mercy, and the Doctor attempts to disable to console using his sonic screwdriver, but unfortunately the Master is able to escape, leaving the Doctor stranded and unaware of his plans (Although due to the console damages, the master can only return to 21st century Earth and the current future year).  The stage will soon be set for another of their epic showdowns….





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