Metal Gear English voice talent part III




Paul Eiding is the voice of Solid Snake’s post-Big Boss commanding officer and friend, Colonel Roy Campbell (Campbell is also Meryl’s father). He’s the original voice of Perceptor on the Transformers, and is also the voice of Grandpa Max on the Ben 10 cartoon. He also plays the villanous AI impersonation of Campbell in Metal Gear Solid II. He’s also done multiple other voice acting roles in animation (including several Pixar films) and games; he’s also the Vault-Tec salesman in the recent Fallout 4 game.


Kim Mai Guest is the voice of Mei Ling, the technical support for Snake in the Shadow Moses mission, and later becomes the captain of the Missouri, an old naval ship which proves vital in the final act of Metal Gear Solid 4. Kim has done voice work on many other video games, such as the Dead Rising, Final Fantasy, and Saints Row series.



Lara Cody plays Rosemary, Raiden’s girlfriend  who is being manipulated by the Patriots AI in Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4. Cody is perhaps best known for multiple roles in anime, including Gundam and Tenchi Muyo! (Curiously, the character doesn’t show up in Raiden’s own game, Metal Gear Rising).


Jim Poddock is the initial voice for Major Zero,  Big Boss’s commander and friend, who later becomes his greatest enemy, as well as the creator of the Patriots and the cloning of Big Boss which produced Solid Snake and his brothers. Piddock is a noted British actor, having starred in many films, such as the five year engagement, The Prestige,  Independence Day and Lethal Weapon 2 in addition to voice-acting roles. He works frequently with mockumentary maker Christopher Guest.


Little Mermaid voice actress  Jodi Benson might  be the voice of Metal Gear Solid IV’s EVA, Big Boss’s girlfriend and the surrogate mother of Solid Snake and his brothers.


However, her older self is played by television legend Lee Meriwether, known for Dr. Kildare, Catwoman in Batman: The movie (The one based on the 60’s TV show) Barnaby Jones, Mission Impossible and The Time Tunnel.






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