Doctor Who history-Beasts above and below

The Doctor and Amy’s first stop is in the future, aboard the starship UK, where England’s population has settled on a giant spaceship.


However, the ship has a secret-it’s being propelled by a giant space whale, who apparently might be enslaved by the populace when it came to Earth.

The Doctor is appalled by this, and figures he has to choose between the people on the UK starship and the whale’s life. He figures that he might have to lobotomize the whale, keeping it moving but leaving it’s higher functions dead. However, Amy is able to figure out a solution that helps both parties, as it turns out with the whale’s control disabled, it’s still willing to help out humans-as that had been it’s purpose in coming to Earth to help humanity.

However, another crack in time appears on the ship’s hull as the Doctor leaves…


The next adventure takes the Doctor into the past, into World War II, where Winston Churchill is fighting the blitz. He wants to show off his new secret weapon to fight the nazis to the Doctor, but the Doctor is horrified when he discovers that it is, in fact, a Dalek-and there’s more of them.

However, things are strange. The Daleks are acting like servants to Churchill and his soldiers, giving them tea and fighting nazis. Churchill claims that they were robots-“Ironsides”-invented by a scientist. The Daleks even have a union jack on their casings, as well as supplies and an army green color. What’s even more puzzling to the Doctor is that Amy doesn’t recognize the Daleks-although she was around when the Daleks invaded and stole the Earth.

Eventually, this angers the Doctor, who proclaims “I am the Doctor and you are the Daleks.” This then reveals the Dalek’s plan-they needed a ‘testimony’ from him to get a machine to recognize them as Daleks, as their original DNA has degraded. Turns out the scientist was a Dalek robot made to look human. This machine, in turn, creates five new Daleks-taller, multi-colored, with each given a specific role.



With the aid of some retrofitted spitfires modified to fly in space due to the robot professor choosing to fight his former masters, the Doctor is able to at least chase the Daleks from Earth-but they head back to their home planet Skaro, where they plan to rebuild the Dalek race.


Although his worst enemies have returned back and better than ever, the Doctor is also troubled by Amy not knowing anything about the Daleks. It’s clear something’s not quite right. As the Doctor leaves Churchill’s bunker, something familiar appears on the walls-another crack.



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