Doctor Who History-The Eleventh Hour

In 2010, Doctor Who underwent a major change. Not only was the series getting a new Doctor and companion, but also a new producer and head writer,Steven Moffat.


The Doctor’s regenerated into his eleventh incarnation, but unfortunately, the energy released has damaged the TARDIS inside and out. The out of control ship crash-lands into the backyard of a young girl, Amelia Pond. The new, disoriented Doctor greets her, and then tries to eat some of her food to test out his new body’s taste buds.


After a few tries he settles for fish fingers in custard.

Amelia points out something that’s been troubling her-a strange, talking and glowing crack in her wall. The voice appears to be warning that a mysterious “prisoner Zero” has escaped.


However, before he’s able to investigate further, the Doctor has to return to the TARDIS to stabilize the damaged systems, leaving Amelia behind.

The Doctor eventually returns to the house, except it’s day and he gets knocked on the head by a female police officer.

However, it soon turns out that she really isn’t a police officer-she’s a “kissogram”, a person who delivers messages and kisses, sometimes in costume. And she’s also Amelia Pond (Although now she prefers to be known as Amy), now 23-and not too pleased with being left behind. Turns out she’s also been obsessed with the Doctor since their first encounter (Twelve years for her, a few minutes for him due to the TARDIS being unreliable with time travel sometimes), with people ridiculing her about her belief in the ‘raggedy Doctor”.



However, now now’s the time for explanation. Prisoner Zero-a snake-like creature that can also take the shape of certain humans-has escaped from the crack, and is now being tracked by an interplanetary police force known as the Atraxi (Who look like giant eyeballs), who want to locate Prisoner Zero-or else they’ll destroy the Earth.

As the Doctor tries to find a solution, he also meets Amy’s boyfriend, Rory Williams, a slightly hapless male nurse who is surprised that the man that many presumed was Amy’s imaginary friend is in fact real.


Eventually, the Doctor is able to chat using a laptop with a group of scientists, and uploads a program that broadcasts the location of Zero to the Atraxi so they can claim their prisoner. Before vanishing, Zero has a cryptic warning for the Doctor: “The Pandorica will open, and silence will fall”.

Having saved the Earth, the Doctor then switches into his new outfit-with a tweed jacket, suspenders, and to top it off, a bow tie.


The Atraxi insist that Earth is in danger from the various alien menaces, but the Doctor tells him that he’s always protected it, and tells them to leave.

His adventure done, and his regeneration stabilized the new Doctor, who due to his youth, is a lot less vain and more compassionate to others than his prior incarnation, although he has a certain swagger and tendency to be amazed by pretty much everything.

As he enters the TARDIS, the console room has rebuilt itself, as well, giving it a fresh, if somewhat less organic and more patchwork-look. It also pops out a new sonic screwdriver.


The Doctor eventually returns to Amy’s backyard, and offers companionship to her (although due to the TARDIS being what it is, she’s had to wait two years). He also assures her of the ‘coolness’ of his new look.

The two then set off to begin new adventures together. Although Amy has failed to note, she’s engaged to Rory-and the wedding is tomorrow!




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