Incredible Hulk-Transformations part 2

This article will go into some of the lesser known versions of Bruce’s alter egos.


During a trip back from outer space, the Hulk suddenly gained Bruce Banner’s mind, and the ability to transform at will without getting angry. Although this had happened a few times in the past, this change lasted longer. This allowed the Hulk to become more accepted, and use his powers for superheroics rather than property damage. It also allowed him more time to hone his scientific endeavors, which had unfortunately been cut short in the past by his frequent Hulk-outs.


However, a series of failures, the stress of the “Secret Wars” crossover, and his mind being manipulated by the creature Nightmare had the Hulk truely fall from grace-and become a fully mute, totally raging beast, unable to turn back into Bruce Banner at all.

It took pretty much all of Marvel’s heroes to take him down. He was eventually exiled to other dimensions by Doctor Strange,  and eventually settled back into his savage state.

However, a similar version emerged when Bruce and the Hulk were seperated physically, and this one took on the Avengers.

Several times in the Hulk comics-from the 60s to now, the Hulk has appeared to be physically the green, savage Hulk, but his vocabulary and attitude is closer to the Grey Hulk (but without the temperament to be a Vegas bouncer). Some fans have dubbed this incarnation the “Grayvage” Hulk.



When the Hulk was exiled to another planet, and became a gladiator and later king, he had a similar persona to this. This incarnation, with more of a use for armor than weapons than fists, is largely known as the “Green scar”.

In the “Original sin” crossover, the Hulk’s mind was altered, making him once more intelligent, although intelligent in a separate persona from Bruce Banner. This new incarnation-which kept Banner suppressed for the most part-was bent on mainly using his strength and intelligence to de-power other beings affected by gamma radiation, although he soon realized the error of his ways. This Hulk largely vanished after the recent “Secret Wars”, as the Hulk was depowered once again and more recently shot dead while as Banner in the “Civil War II” comics events.




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