Doctor Who History-Send Me An Angel

The Doctor and Amy’s next stop is to rescue River Song, who is investigating the ship Byzantium in the future.  From River’s POV, this is just one of her many adventures with the Doctor before the Library, but from the Doctor’s, it’s only their second encounter and he’s quite unsure of just who or what she is, yet (Although he knows that she’s very important to future events).

The Byzantium crashes on a nearby planet, and it turns out it was carrying deadly cargo-a sole weeping angel. 

The Doctor and a a paramilitary “church” of soldiers nearby, set out to capture the Angel. The Byzantium has crashed near an old, decaying labyrinth cave system, filled with statues. Unfortunately, it soon turns out, that these crumbling statues are, in fact, dormant and damaged Weeping angels, and this “maze of the Dead” was their prison. Now, the reactor from the crashed ship is allowing them to regenerate into their full, deadly forms (Unlike the time-zapping Earth counterparts, these ones seem to kill more immediately). What’s worse, Amy seems to have been infected by them, with her body starting to turn to stone and her subconsciously counting down.

Although the Doctor is able to quickly escape the maze, by destroying a gravity device using a gun and reach the Byzantium itself, the angels still pursue them.

Things get further complicated when, although they reach a safe area, turns out it’s not that safe at all, as the crack in time is once again there:

The Doctor is able to scan the crack with the sonic screwdriver, and discover it’s a sort of temporal energy that can erase things from existence, and caused by some sort of vast temporal anomaly in 2010. It’s existence also accounts why certain events have not been remembered-the Dalek invasion Amy doesn’t seem to recall, for example. With the angels closing in, and Amy slowly turning into one, the Doctor soon. He also learns that in the future, River is a criminal, for killing someone. She doesn’t say who though.

Eventually the Doctor is able to lure the Angels into the crack, erasing them from existence, and also curing Amy. River is returned to custody, and the Doctor takes Amy back to her house, where she reveals the truth about her upcoming nuptials to Rory.

She also unexpectedly starts to put the moves on the Doctor, as he’s saved her life and she’s been obsessed with him for many years. However, the Doctor thinks that their adventures have had her lose sight of her relationship with Rory, and he rejects her advances. He then heads to Rory’s bachelor party, and decides to give the couple a “date”-in 16th century Venice.

However, this vacation doesn’t turn out quite as well as expected, as young women in the city are being turned into Vampire fish-monsters.

They are being changed by the woman Signaro Cavilierra, who is seeking to propagate her race, which has been depleted by the cracks in time.

That’s British actress Helen McCrory, who some might remember as Narcissa Malfoy  in the Harry Potter movies.

The Doctor is eventually able to defeat her, and lets Rory work out his jealousy with him, while also inviting him along as a companion (Unlike with Mickey and Rose, the Doctor doesn’t see Rory as competition at all, and wants the couple to be happy-which becomes especially important later on). As the adventurers depart Venice, they notice the docks have gone silent-the cracks are continuing to swallow up and erase people and places in time….


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