Doctor Who History-Impressions and Dreams

After the Vampires in Venice, The Doctor is travelling alone, and Rory and Amy have settled down in a nice town, with Amy expecting her first child.

Wait, what?

Then they find themselves in another scenario, with the TARDIS hurtling toward a cold star.

Turns out that one of these realities is a fake, and the other real-a trap set by a mysterious “Dream Lord”. The Doctor, Rory and Amy must choose which is real and which is fake, and if they’re wrong they will die. After Rory is killed in the ‘pleasant’ reality, Amy decides that is the fake, and the trio return to the TARDIS. However, the Doctor sets the TARDIS to self destruct, suggesting that the whole thing was a double-fake. His hunch turns out to be correct, and everything returns to normal. The “Dream Lord” turns to be an alien pollen, but perhaps more disturbing is that it’s actually created in part, by the darker sides of the Doctor himself-not unlike the Valeyard, who put the Doctor on trial during the Colin Baker era (The Trial link)

The next adventure takes them to 2020 Earth, in a small village where there is a drilling project going underway. Unfortunately, the drilling has awoken a group of Silurians, who are not too happy about their home being invaded.

The Doctor is able to negotiate a peace, but not before Rory is badly wounded, and then unexpectedly swallowed by one of the cracks-erasing him from space and time (The Doctor, sensitive to these kind of changes, remembers him, but Amy doesn’t). Even more disturbing ,the Doctor is able to recover something from the crack’s temporal core-a piece of the TARDIS from the anomaly that caused it in the first place…

The Doctor next takes Amy to a gallery to look at the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, but the Doctor soon spots what looks like an alien monster in one of the paintings. Intrigued, he jumps back to visit the troubled painter, and discover what happened.

They meet Van Gogh, who senses something isn’t quite right with Amy (She’s sad because of the loss of Rory, but she’s not sure why as she doesn’t remember him 100%). The Doctor learns that there’s an alien monster out there that only Van Gogh can see, and due to some alien perception filter, the invisible monster will only manifest itself when painted.

The alien monster is defeated when it materializes, although it turns out it was sort of just sad, blind and lonely and just acting out of fear. Thankful for his help, the Doctor decides to help Van Gogh, by bringing him to the present, where the art Museum’s tour guide tells the Doctor of Van Gogh’s important legacy, causing the Van Gogh to cry and realize his paintings-unappreciated in their time-go on to be something special.

They return Van Gogh to his time, with Amy wondering if they managed to somehow change history, and saved the young painter from an untimely end. However, things go as they did before, with two changes-the monster no longer appears in the other painting, and his famous sunflowers painting has a dedication to Amy.


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