Doctor Who History-The Pandorica opens

After the Van Gogh adventure, the Doctor returns to present-day London, but unexpectedly, when he steps out, the TARDIS dematerializes and takes off without him-with Amy still inside. Although still in contact with her, a local anomaly won’t allow the ship to re-materialize, so the Doctor needs to track down the disturbance-an apartment with an extra room for rent, put up by Craig (James Corden).

Yes, the same guy who now hosts a late-night TV show.

The Doctor, while trying to find out what’s going on, interferes a bit in Craig’s life, playing Soccer:

Matchmaker (With Craig’s friend Sophie, who have trouble expressing their feelings for each other):

and reluctant work fill-in:

Eventually the Doctor discovers the source of a disturbance-an alien spaceship (With very TARDIS-like console controls) on the top of the Apartment building, which has also been luring people off the street and killing them, unfortunately. Craig and Sophie nearly get dragged in along with the Doctor, but fortunately he’s able to destroy the ship before things go wrong. He’s able to recover Amy and the TARDIS.

Meanwhile, Vincent Van Gogh paints a picture of the TARDIS exploding in the past.

River Song eventually is able to recover the painting in the future, and summons the Doctor to Stonehenge in the year 102 A.D, where she’s posing as the fairly long-dead Cleopatra along a stationed Roman legion. Eventually, they find a huge cube-shaped object in the ruins underneath Stonehenge-the Pandorica, rumored in legends to be some kind of prison.

-and also a signal from it is drawing several of the Doctor’s enemies to Earth-Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans… (including one which nearly captures Amy) The Doctor presumes that they’re after the pandorica, and will fight it out among themselves. However, things start to happen that don’t seem quite right. For instance, Rory is back among the living, but as a Roman centurion, despite being wiped from existence and only being remembered by the Doctor. Although Rory tries to jog the memory of his fiancee…

River, using the TARDIS to bring it closer to the Pandorica, unexpectedly is sent to Amy’s house in the present day, while the Doctor is still in the past. In Amy’s room, she discovers Amy’s interest in Stonehenge, and that Rory had been disguised as a Roman for a costume party…

It appears that the entire scenario in the past has been manufactured somehow. River tries to get into the TARDIS, but is quickly trapped when some source takes command and states “Silence will fall”.

Turns out the Romans-including Rory-are Auton duplicates (The Autons being last encountered in the first episode of the new series). The Doctor’s enemies-convinced the cracks in time erasing things are his fault-quickly surround and imprison the Doctor in the Pandorica-a prison and trap-meant for him, from which there is no escape.

In fact, it’s whoever is controlling the TARDIS-and with River trapped, the Doctor unable to help-and Amy unexpectedly and reluctantly shot by the Auton version of Rory (just as she begins to remember him)….things are looking bleak-especially when all the stars and universes go out due to the TARDIS exploding (except for Earth).

How is the Doctor going to get out of this one?


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