Doctor Who: Christmas Carol 2.0

It’s Amy and Rory’s honeymoon-and they’re on a ship that’s spinning out of control towards a planet with a controlled weather system, where Sharks and fish are able to fly in the very unusual atmosphere. The Doctor is able to land on the planet, but discovers the man controlling the weather is a miser of sorts, the very Scrooge-like Kazran Sardick. Without Kazran’s permission-as the weather controls are locked to him-he can’t bring his friends to safety.

The Actor on the left, Michael Chabon, might look familiar-he’s another face Doctor Who shares with the Harry Potter franchise. Chabon played Dumbledore in the remaining 6 films after the death of Richard Harris.

The Doctor, inspired by Charles Dicken’s the Christmas Carol, decides he’ll become Sardick’s very own Ghost of Christmas Past, visiting the younger Kazan at several points in his past during Christmas. The Doctor discovers Kazran was once a kind boy, but his father’s mean-spirited nature led to him becoming more of a bitter old man, much like his father. To cheer the young boy up, the Doctor introduces him a woman who is in cryogenic suspension as one of his father’s “insurance policies”-a young woman named Abigail, but she can be only be let out once a year on Christmas Eve.

Eventually, through both the Doctor and Abigail’s visits,  Kazran and Abigail fall in love. However, she also reveals that she has a fatal illness, and only has one more day she can be let of the cryogenic freeze to be with Kazran. Kazran, fearful and sad, asks the Doctor to stop visiting and free Abigail-and events pretty much transpire the same way, with the older Kazran still very bitter and unwilling to help the Doctor save his friends.

The Doctor also briefly marries Marilyn Monroe in this story, hence his look here…

The Doctor tries one more last ditch solution-he brings the young Kazran to the present, and Kazran realizes how far he’s fallen, and become like his domineering father. With the help of Abigail-who has one more Christmas left in her-and the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, they’re able to safely guide Amy and Rory’s ship to safety. The Doctor returns the young Kazran to his own time, and Abigail and Kazran share one last sleigh ride together.

….with a shark driving the sleigh.

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