Mobile Suit Gundam-The Basics part two

This will continue a general breakdown of the Gundam series.


Gundam 00, like Gundam Wing, has Gundams of various designs and abilities being piloted by a group of young men. However, the story is a bit different, focusing less on space colonies, and more about wars around natural resources. The series was highly successful.

Next up was Gundam AGE, originally supposed to be a video game series, but expanded to a full TV series.

Next up was Gundam Recognista in G, which featured the return of creator Tomino to the franchise, and ‘sort of’ was set in the original Universal century timeline, except at thousand years in the future.

Gundam Build fighters and it’s later sequels and spin-offs featured, like G Gundam, another unorthodox attempt-this time, focusing on the show’s most prominent merchandise, the plastic model kits, instead of a mostly sci-fi storyline. The characters build the kits and then have them face off in tournament battles. The series features mecha from throughout the franchise, as well as new variations of the classics. The series became very popular, and features several references and cameos from the various series.

The latest series is Iron Blooded Orphans, which deals with a group of young men on a Mars colony who rebel against a repressive society with the help of an ancient Gundam (Similar in some ways to Gundam X, Turn A, and Recognista in G, In which the Gundam is a product of a bygone era). Thematically it also shares some similarities with Gundam Wing and 00, although it’s somewhat less flashy with it’s mecha designs.

In addition, there’s SD Gundam, which is sort of it’s own thing, with “super-deformed”, shrunken down versions of the mobile suits.  In many cases, They’re also anthromorphic/sentient, not requiring the need for a human pilot. The SD series has included several parodies and video games, as well as the Super Defendor Gundam Force series.


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