Doctor Who History-end of the line

The Doctor has left Amy and Rory behind, to face his destiny at Lake Silencio, but like with the Tenth Doctor, he’s in no hurry to welcome death so quickly. So, for two hundred years, he goes on a farewell tour across the universe and timelines. Last stop: His old apartment mate Craig, who now has an infant son with Sophie: Alfie (Although Alfie-who the Doctor understands due to his ability to interpret languages-prefers “Stormageddon”).

The Doctor soon notices power is being drained around Craig’s town, and begins to investigate. His cover this time? Toy Department associate at a local department store-where several other associates have gone missing.

The Doctor soon discovers the culprit-a recently awakened crashed ship of Cybermen, who have been slowly rebuilding an army underneath the department store.

The Cybermen capture Craig and the Doctor, and are nearly converted, but Craig is able to hear his son’s cry, and his love for his son manages to override the conversions and overload the Cybermen, destroying them.

The Doctor picks-crabbing a Stetson cowboy hat-bids Craig farewell, and heads for his final fate at lake silencio. Meanwhile, in the future, River is captured once again by the church of the silence, and placed in the lake to once again take her role as the astronaut destined to kill the Doctor.

Events unfold the same way they did in the season opener, although the Doctor initially does some investigating. The Doctor learns that there’s something that happens in the future-on the planet Trenzalore-that must be prevented, and for that the Silence must kill the Doctor.The Doctor is still reluctant to face his fate, but finally relents when he learns that his old friend-Brigadier Gordon Alistair Lethbridge Stuart-has died of old age.

The actor who played him, Nicholas Courtney-had died around the same time this season came out.

The saddened Doctor then goes to his fate. Except River doesn’t shoot him. However, since the Doctor’s death was a fixed point, it causes the universe to go totally nuts, creating a ‘frozen’ universe where pretty much every era is happening at once.

Cars float on hot air balloons. Winston Churchill is a Roman Emperor. Charles Dickens gives an interview on a morning talk show. Mammoths, Dinosaurs, and Silurians roam the streets, Pteranodons roam the skies. The Doctor has become a soothsayer, and the Silence are still around.

The universe is unstable, and can only be undone if River kills the Doctor. Amy and Rory still manage to remember some points of the original timeline, due to the crack in Amy’s wall still existing. Amy,Rory and River have captured the Silence, but the Doctor is adamant that he must die in order for things to go back to normal. He marries River, and then tells her a secret-his name. The regular timeline resumes with River tearfully shooting her new husband.

As far as the silence-and the universe-are concerned-the Doctor is dead.

Except he’s not. The “Doctor” shot was in fact the robot from the World War II episode, with the real Doctor shrunken within and able to escape, as River tells Amy and Rory.

Now, the Doctor is able to keep a lower profile, and hopefully avert the silence. However, Trenzalore still awaits, where a certain question will be asked which will decide the fate of the universe:



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