Doctor Who History-Fears real and imagined

After the whole mess with River/Melody temporarily resolved, the Doctor receives a note on his psychic paper (a gadget that can project thoughts onto paper)-and he and the Ponds journey to an apartment complex, where a young boy is frightened of pretty much everything-and is locking away his ‘fears’-including his neighbors-in his wardrobe, which is actually a bizzare dimension-and that he’s actually an empathic alien, who took the form of a boy to help an infertile couple. However, in his fear dimension, he’s been turning people into creepy doll monsters-including Amy.

The Doctor soon is able to help the boy face his fears, and have the parents accept the alien as their son, restoring everything to normal.

Needing a vacation, the Doctor next help what they believe will be a resort planet-but unfortunately, it’s a planet that’s been devastated by a plague-especially one where people with two hearts can be affected, so it’s forced the Doctor to remained confined to the TARDIS. However, Amy walks into the hospital, and gets stuck in an accelerated timestream, which through a timey-wimey paradox causes Amy to communicate with the Doctor and Rory at two points-one, as a bitter, middle-aged woman who has been living in the hospital for decades (and fighting off it’s unintentionally homicidal nursing robots, whose medicine is poison to humans), and one having just arrived there.

The Doctor and Rory are faced with a moral dilemma-as it appears they can only save one Amy, or else risk a paradox. Ultimately, only the younger Amy is saved, as the two can not exist in the same point (As young Amy is saved, she can’t live in the hospital for the next decades as that never happened), even with the TARDIS’s time protection.

The next adventure find the Doctor, Amy and Rory in a strange hotel, where the rooms hide their greatest fears-be it death, disapproval, or things like creepy dolls or clowns. Upon entering such a room, the guests are then consumed by a Minotaur-like Beast creature. The hotel is using people’s fears to test their faith in people-and feed off that faith.

When it appears Amy might sucuumb to this trap, the Doctor uses the gambit he once used to defeat Fenric several lives ago-breaking his companion’s faith. This defeats the Minotaur, who the Doctor figures is a relative of the Nimon, a species he fought in his fourth incarnation.

The Doctor-believing that his adventures put his companions in far too much danger, gives Amy and Rory a new house and a car, and a chance to live their lives. He then sets off alone, well aware that possibly his death at Lake Silenco still awaits…

But it’s far from the last we’ll see of Amy and Rory, and the Doctor is going to visit another friend first….


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