Star Wars comic history Part IV

Marvel’s next project of course, was the miniseries adapting “Return of the Jedi.”

Although available mainly as a four issue miniseries, as well as several collected editions.

Marvel’s first post-ROTJ original tale was “Jawas of Doom”, which dealt with Han and Leia returning to the planet after Jabba’s been killed, where he encounters some Jawas who have actually dug up Boba Fett, mistaking him for a droid (This would be the first time the character was ‘ressurected’, and it was a very early ressurection!) Ultimately though, he ends up falling back into the sarlacc pit.

Star Wars (Marvel) 81

A couple more issues have Han, Lando, Luke and Leia on several missions to unite the galaxy after the fall of the Empire. One of these, shards of Alderaan, is particularly notable as it introduces the planet of Yinchorr, which writer Randy Strately would use in his “Crimson Empire” series as the training academy of the Emperor’s red-robed Imperial royal guard.

The next set of issues-although there is some filler-introduces Lumiya, a new “dark lord”, whose identify at first remains a mystery.

Likewise, a few issues later, we are introduced to the mysterious albino alien species known as the Nagai, when Han and Lando go to liberate Chewbacca’s home world of Kashykkk. It later turns out that the Imperial remnants are working with the Nagai to regain their power.

Lumiya’s alter-ego is also revealed-that she is Shira Brie, the Imperial spy who was recovered and rebuilt by Darth Vader. As noted before, she’ll later re-emerge in the Star Wars legacy of the force novel series.

Eventually a fourth party enters the fray-the weird, pirate-like Tofs. The rebels, the Imperial remant, and the Nagai form an alliance against them, and their victory pretty much brings the Marvel series to an end.


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