Doctor Who History: Narnia 2.0

It’s time for another Christmas special. After a narrow escape from a crashing spaceship-and trying to find his way to the TARDIS with a backwards space suit-the Doctor is helped by a young mother. The Doctor, thankful for her assistance, says he’ll pay her back.

Next Christmas-the mother-Madge-is in sour spirits, as her husband has gone missing over the Atlantic during 1941, at the height of World War II’s Atlantic war, and she hasn’t told the kids yet (Since it’s Christmas).  As they also evacuate London due to the Blitz, they arrive at an interesting house-run by the Doctor-which includes a lot of gadgets for her family.

However, during Christmas eve one of the kids wanders into one of the Doctor’s present’s- a small portal to a snowy forest world-and the Doctor and the rest of the family pursue him-as things are about to get dangerous.

Turns out, the greedy Androzani people are at it again-harvesting the planet’s sentient trees, and the trees are using a lighthouse to escape the planet, and need a living being as a sort of conduit to power up their transportation.

Madge’s young son is the initial conduit, but soon she takes control, and as a “mothership” saves the trees by taking them into the time vortex. She also spots her husband over the Atlantic in his fighter, and-although scared she’s about to witness his death-actually is guided home to the estate by her.

After this happy reunion, Madge implores the Doctor to tell his friends that he’s okay, and that he did not in fact die at Lake Silencio.

Of course, they already know since their daughter River told them, but they’re happy to see him all the same.

However, their happiness might not last long, as next, we dwelve into the 50th anniversary season, where changes are afoot.

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