Doctor Who History-The Anniversary begins

Season 7 of the 2005-current Doctor Who series opens up with the Doctor’s worst enemies-the Daleks. This season begins an anniversary season of sorts, building up to the 50th anniversary of the show-and not only that, but the end of the Eleventh Doctor himself, as Matt Smith had announced his departure around this time.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory have been captured by the Daleks, who now have a sort of parliament-and who have mostly dropped the multicolored “Victory of the Daleks” look for their traditional gold shells.

Expecting to be of course exterminated on site, the Doctor instead is surprised that the Daleks need his help. They’ve kept several insane Daleks at an Asylum planet (Some of which have been driven nuts by him) but a spaceship has crashed on the planet and disrupted it’s force field, and the only thing more dangerous than a Dalek is a crazy Dalek, which now have the possibility of escape. Sending out the distress signal is a survivor of the crash, Oswin Oswald.

The Daleks figure that they have to have the Doctor disable the force field entirely, and then they will destroy the planet to prevent the insane Daleks from escaping.  The Doctor also notes that Amy and Rory are acting distant to each other-they are in fact, separated, due to disappointment that they can not have another infant due to the inciddent at Demon’s run and the whole thing with River making her sterile. However, the two eventually work things out, while trying to evade the Daleks on the planet, and also a deadly virus that could turn them into Dalek puppets (Basically humans obedient to the Dalek’s will, and with Dalek eye stalks coming out of their heads)-which can be slowed by human emotions.

The Asylum contains several ‘classic’ Daleks as well as newer models.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is helped by Oswin, who seems to know the layout of the Asylum pretty well. However, the Doctor eventually discovers that Oswin herself is a Dalek, one of the survivors of the spaceship transformed into one, but retaining her humanity through a split personality. She uses this humanity to not only lower the field, but also wipe all the Daleks of their memory of him.

As he returns to the Parliament with Amy and Rory, the Doctor is overjoyed that they don’t recognize him, now further allowing him to be more incognito since his “death”. Also, Amy and Rory reconcile.

But his delight might still be short-lived, as change is soon coming. As for Oswin, “Her” story is not over yet, despite her Dalek body being destroyed…..


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