Metal Gear/Star Wars comparisons addendum-Send in the clones

I’ve overlooked perhaps the most glaring similarity between Metal Gear and Star Wars.


Spoilers for both the Metal Gear games, and the Star Wars films follow.

Clones sort of go back to the beginning of Star Wars lore, with Luke Skywalker mentioning the Clone Wars, a vague war that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan fought in. Those wars-and what the clones were-were not elaborated on until Attack of the Clones, which revealed that a clone army of soldiers had been bred in secret from a bounty hunter-Jango Fett. Although believed to be created to help the Republic fight the separatists, they also serve as a way for Palpatine to eliminate the Jedi, and become the foundation of the Empire’s stormtroopers.


In Metal Gear, we have the original Snake/Big Boss, who joins the Patriots organization for a brief time, but when he starts to distance himself from the group, he is cloned without consent into three males-David (Solid Snake), Eli (Liquid Snake), and George (Solidus Snake) by Zero and Dr. Clark, his former friends from Operation Snake Eater. This causes Big Boss to leave the organization entirely, and doesn’t feel that the Clones are his sons, or him in anyway (Although he eventually does meet and help to train one of the clones, Solid Snake).



Like Zero, the guy kind of behind it all (although with better intentions), the cloning program in Star Wars is also of course created by the guy behind it all-Chancellor Palpatine, AKA the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.


Jango also has an unaltered clone that he treats as a son-and unlike Big Boss, actually has a good relationship with. This is, of course, Boba Fett, the bounty hunter who helps Darth Vader capture Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca and Threepio in The Empire Strikes Back, and who is later seen alongside Jabba in Return of the Jedi, where he meets his untimely end in the mouth of the Sarlacc monster (Although the non-now canon Expanded Universe stuff had him survive that and live on as a frequent thorn in the side for Han Solo). He also wears armor that’s pretty much based after his “Dad”



 Solid Snake, likewise, is visually the most similar of the Clones to a younger Big Boss-having a somewhat mercenary lifestyle, messy hair and a bandanna, although Snake benefits from more advanced technology than his father-and he also has both his eyes intact, whereas Big Boss is forced to wear one when it gets badly grazed by a bullet during Operation Snake Eater. His relationship with Big Boss is a bit complicated-he’s initially trained as a FOXHOUND operative by him, but once his duplicity as Outer Heaven’s leader is revealed (although the man Snake faces in Outer Heaven is in fact his body double, Venom Snake), the two become enemies, until making peace towards the end of Big Boss’s life, where he explains how everything went south.


Jango of course dies because his head gets cut off by Mace Windu, leaving Boba to take up his place.

As for the relationship with his ‘brothers’, things are also a bit complicated. Boba of course, has a lot more ‘brothers’ than Solid Snake has, although technically he’s a bit different because he has no growth acceleration or other genetic manipulations that the others do. He seems rather indifferent to them in the “Clone Wars” series, as his real goal is revenge on Mace Windu.


Solid Snake faces his two brothers, Liquid and Solidus, in the first two games in the “Solid” series (Ocelot also pretends to be possessed by Liquid in both II and IV). Like Boba, he’s not 100% identical to them-although they look like each other somewhat, Snake is encoded with ‘recessive’ genes, while Liquid is given the ‘dominant ones’, while Solidus is pretty much a balanced clone, and the closest in DNA to Big Boss. He’s even got an eyepatch, although on the other eye.

In a way, Big Boss sort of has a “Clone Army” of his own, although not quite in the same way that Jango does. Several of the soldiers in Liquid Snake’s army are “Genome soldiers”, who have been injected with Big Boss’s genes, although not of course identical to the man himself. Like the clones, they have been partially conditioned to obey orders by Psycho Mantis, Liquid’s right-hand-man and psychic.



It’s worth noting that Boba also has a bit of a grind to pick with Mace Windu, as detailed in the second season of Clone Wars, for killing his father.



Liquid likewise, has an axe to grind with not only Solid Snake, but isn’t exactly pleased with Big Boss either-especially when he meets the man who he believes is his father, Venom Snake. Despite Snake’s attempts to befriend him, or put him to work on Mother Base, Liquid is defiant and eventually escapes with a Metal Gear (Although the fate of the gear was left out of the finished game).



It’s worth noting that clone-wise, the Clones in Star Wars are made in a lab environment on the planet Kamino and apart from the modifications they are identical to Jango.

whereas Solid and Liquid were born naturally. Although the mitochondrial DNA was provided by a unnamed Japanese woman-making her technically their biological mother (This doesn’t seem to be the case for Solidus for some reason). 

Although they are carried by Big Boss’s lover, Eva (Despite Big Boss not knowing of the cloning, she is willing to carry them, and considers them her sons) as a surrogate, although they are later raised by Patriots/CIPHER handlers (Although Liquid eventually escapes this). Although Solid Snake is unaware of this connection until he meets her, forty years later, in Metal Gear Solid IV, where she’s leading a movement under the code name “Big Mama”.




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