Doctor Who History-Goodbye, Ponds


The Doctor’s next adventure with the Ponds is unusual-a large group of cubes suddenly materialize all over the world, but they don’t seem to do anything at all…


Even UNIT is brought in, now led by the Brigadier’s daughter, Kate Stewart, who-inspired by the Doctor-has steered the force toward a more ‘science friendly’ image: 

As he takes Amy and Rory on further adventures, he leaves Rory’s father to keep an eye on the cubes.

However, after one year, the cubes activate-a ‘slow invasion’ of sorts-and start inducing heart attacks-a plan orchestrated by an alien race known as the Shakri.


The Doctor however is able to reverse the Cubes’s attack, essentially de-fibrillating their victims. Before he leaves to take them on another adventure, he promises Arthur that he’ll try to keep Amy and Rory safe.


Which makes what’s about to happen somewhat tragic.


The Doctor and the Ponds are enjoying a nice picnic in New York City’s central park, with the Doctor enjoying a novel by a “Melody Malone”. Unfortunately, Rory, wandering off, gets zapped by a Weeping Angel, sending him back to the 1930s.

The Doctor soon realizes that the novel in fact refers to events that are happening at the “moment” to Rory-so he sets the TARDIS to travel to the 1930’s, although due to the time distortions caused by the Angels, it’s a bit of a rough trip.


Meanwhile, in the 1930s, the book it turns out was written by River, who is attempting to help her parents.


Unfortunately, Amy, Rory, River and the Doctor find themselves further trapped-in the Winter Quay hotel-where it turns out there’s an elderly version of Rory who’s been zapped into the past by the Angels. It appears there’s no way out-especially when it appears that the Statue of Liberty is in fact, a giant weeping angel.

However, Amy and Rory figure out one final way to break the Angel’s timeline-death, so they won’t grow old in the hotel, therefore breaking the chain of events. They jump off the building.

This does in fact break the timeline, causing them to be restored to the present day. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet.

Materializing in a graveyard, Rory soon notices a tombstone with his name on it…

and is zapped into the 1930s again by a weeping angel.

This devastates Amy. She wishes to join her husband in the past, even though it’s clear-due to the Angel’s time distortions-that the Doctor cannot rescue them this time.


She turns, allowing the Angel to send her into the past to be with her husband.


“Rageddy man, goodbye!”

The Doctor eventually reads the rest of the novel, with an afterword by Amy, revealing that she and Rory lived happy lives in the past. The Doctor, however, is distraught, and once again alone….



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