Metal Gear Profiles-Mei Ling

Mei Ling’s one of the minor supporting characters of the Metal Gear saga, but an interesting one, nonetheless. She plays a key part in the defeat of both the Patriots AI system, as well as helping Solid Snake to defeat his brother Liquid Snake, and later Liquid Snake’s semi-doppelganger, Liquid Ocelot.

Mei Ling is a character who originally wanted to serve in the Air Force, but unfortunately flunked the vision tests. She then used her technical skills to create several of the gadgets used to aid Solid Snake, such as the CODEC-which allowed for clear communication (and also-fitting in the ear and using the ear staples as a receiver-was far more stealthy than a cumbersome radio) as well as the Soliton rader system..

The character is introduced in the original Metal Gear Solid, as Solid Snake’s technical support-as well as a morale booster of sorts, and also reading proverbs, as a tribute to her own Chinese heritage.  Game-wise, she’s the default “save game” character, a role later given to Rose (In Metal Gear Solid II) and Para-Medic (In Metal Gear Solid III). She’s also-like fellow contact-Naomi Hunter fairly flirtatious with Solid Snake.

Mei Ling makes a small  voice cameo in Metal Gear Solid II, but before that, she appeared in the spin-off game VR missions (Basically, a series of training missions that didn’t feature any story, but instead tested the player’s stealth and reflexes) as a fully-rendered CG model instead of just an animated screen on Snake’s codec.

In MGS II she joined Snake and Otacon as part of Philanthropy, a group that sought to expose and destroy Metal Gear derivatives after Revolver Ocelot leaked the plans of the mecha all over the globe. When Otacon badly bungled one of her proverbs (as she was not available at the time), Mei Ling quickly corrected him.

Five years later, Mei Ling joins the Navy and quickly ascends to Captain, having gotten the eye of an Admiral, and becomes commander of the USS Missouri, which has become a training ship. She quickly saves Snake and Raiden from Ocelot’s battleship/Arsenal Gear, Outer Haven, at Shadow Moses Island.

Later, she gives a briefing on Outer Haven in the ship, theorizing that Ocelot intends to use the ship to destroy a satellite containing the Patriot’s AI.

And then leads the full assault on Outer Haven, bravely fighting back against the ship’s firepower, as well as it’s arsenal of Metal Gear RAYS and Gekkos.

However, the aging Missouri is no match for the super advanced Arsenal Gear Battleship Outer Haven. Thankfully, Snake is able to disable the Patriot’s AI (as well as Ocelot’s partial control of it, the SOP system), shutting down all the Metal Gears and disorienting it’s troopers who were under the control of the Patriot nanomachines.

At the end of the game, Mei Ling is present at Meryl’s wedding as a bridesmaid.

Although, the Flower Bouquet that Meryl tosses winds up in the hands of Little Gray, a small monkey, instead of her.

Mei Ling also appears in the “alternate” Metal Gear Solid game, Ghost Babel, in pretty much the same role as in the original game.

And also when Solid Snake appears in Smash bros.

Yes, that is in fact Solid Snake about to fight Pikatchu.


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