Star Wars comic history-Tales of the Jedi Part one

Next up in Star Wars comics was the tales of the Jedi saga. The first series took place 4000 years before the films, and in essence, were the first major Star Wars stories to really be set in the old Republic. In addition to this, they also provided backstory for Kevin J. Anderson’s “Jedi Academy” novels, as well as embellishing on several details from the “Dark Empire” comics-and finally explained the history of the Sith, although most of that’s been retconned by Disney. The series would also lead into/inspire the Knights of the Old Republic/Old Republic video game series.This article will deal with the initial two limited series.

The first series follows the rise of the widowed Jedi Nomi Sunrider, and Jedi Ulic Quel-Droma. While Nomi struggles to raise her daughter and become a Jedi amidst the threats of a Hutt gangster, Ulic works to settle a dispute on the planet Onderon where the royal line has been polluted by the Dark side.

Next up is the Freedon Nadd uprising, which continues the struggle on Onderon, where an ancient Sith-Freedon Nadd-spirit is continuing to cause problems by staging an uprising among his followers, including kidnapping Ulic’s master. Nomi also joins Ulic’s group of Jedi, as well. Although the uprising ends,  Freedon Nadd also recruits two new followers: The spoiled Satal and Aleema Keto, whose greed for Sith artifacts will lead to the formation of the Krath cult, and a great Sith War.



The leader, Warb Null, looks kind of familiar….


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