Mobile Suit Gundam-The “Star” Gundams-Universal Century Part II-The 90’s.

With the 90’s, the Gundam series was sort of shifting, with the Universal Century series starting to get sidelined on TV in favor of alternate universes. However, it still managed to crank out some movies and Original Animated Videos(OAV), which contributed to the lore, and of course featured their own Gundams.

First up was the Gundam F91, from the movie of the same name. Much smaller than it’s predecessor, this unit featured new beam technology, including a beam shield and rifles which had variable beam speeds.

Gundam 0083, an OAV”Interquel” which detailed how the Titans rose in Z Gundam,  has two main ‘hero’ Gundams. The first is the GP01 Zephyrantes, which while in it’s initial configuration is mainly a souped-up version of the original Gundam, but when modified on the moon, it’s given a series of heavy boosters which make it incredibly fast, and becomes a “Full Vernian” Gundam. It’s used against Anavel Gato’s stolen Gundam GP-02A Physalis, although both are destroyed. It’s replaced by:

The Gundam GP-03 Dendorium. This Gundam might not look like much on it’s own, but it gets hooked up to a massive Mobile Armor full of several weapons, making it incredibly formidable.

Back on TV, the final UC Gundam TV series for quite some time was Victory Gundam. This Gundam suit was, like the ZZ, a sort of gestalt unit formed from smaller craft. It also utilized a new maneuvering system, the “wings of Light”. It was eventually replaced by the V2 Gundam which upgraded it’s basics systems and armor.

The OAV Gundam: The 08th Ms team returns to the One Year War which started it all, and reveals a new mass production model of the Gundam, known as the Gundam Ground type. It basically has a blockier appearance than it’s counterparts, and it’s weapons have been moved into different places-the vulcan guns, traditionally on the head, are now in the chest, and the beam saber handles are stored in the legs instead of one the back, which now sports a heavy backpack for equipment.

After being heavily damaged,one of these units was rebuilt and customized into the Gundam EZ8, with more durable armor, higher energy output and the V-fin present on other Gundams replaced by a rabbit ear attenae.


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