Metal Gear Profiles: Revolver Ocelot Part one

Ocelot is perhaps one of the most important characters in the Metal Gear canon apart from the Snakes-he appears in all the main console Metal Gear titles (He doesn’t appear in the handheld story Peace Walker, although he is indirectly mentioned). He’s a character with complex motivations, sort of a triple agent. As Ocelot is a long story, I’m going to divide this one up into at least two posts.

Ocelot is actually the son of the Boss, Adamaska-the woman who trained Snake/Big Boss-and the Sorrow, one of her comrades in the Cobra unit. He was actually born during the Allied Invasion of Normandy. Raised in part by the Philosophers-the secret society the Boss was sort of involved with as well-he eventually started to work for the NSA and CIA, but was actually a double agent also working with the KGB. Somewhat flamboyant-, he names himself Ocelot, gives off an Ocelot’s “meow” before fighting, and becomes a major in the GRU, and plays both sides.

In Metal Gear Solid III: Snake Eater,Ocelot first encounters Snake during the Virtuous mission, when Snake is trying to rescue the scientist Sokolov. Here, they begin a rivalry, as he’s actually humiliated by Snake when his gun is jammed.  Snake suggests he uses a revolver instead. He helps Volgin steal back Sokolov and the Shagohod, although he’s not too pleased when Volgin uses a small nuke on his own people (This in turn causes the downfall of his mother).

After Virtuous mission fails, and Snake Eater begins, Ocelot once again confronts Snake but is ordered to aid him covertly. They do have a rematch, with Ocelot now sporting dual revolvers. Also Ocelot starts using his catchphrase- “You’re pretty good”-based on what Big Boss told him about his skills.

When Snake is captured however, Ocelot-now “Revolver Ocelot”-accidentally grazes him badly in the eye, causing irreversible damage and forcing him to wear an eyepatch for the rest of his life.

After Volgin’s defeat, Ocelot chases Snake and boards the WIG plane he’s using to escape, with the two having one final duel before telling each other their real names.

After Snake becomes Big Boss, Ocelot calls both the KGB and the CIA, and also thinks they might be interested in something else that he’s acquired the blueprints for-the walking bipedal tank, the unproduced alternative to the Shagohod-Metal Gear.

Along with Big Boss, Major Zero, Eva, Para-Medic and SIGINT, Ocelot joins the Patriots, while continuing to serve as a GRU Major. Although he does not leave the organization with Big Boss, he is not pleased with their plans. He also becomes a skilled interrogator, earning the nickname Shalashaska (slang for Prison/gulag, AKA Sharashka).

In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain,When Big Boss in injured and catatonic following the trap set by Cipher’s treacherous right hand-man Skull Face-which also destroys Big Boss’s MSF force-Ocelot keeps a watch over his friend (and also under orders from Zero), and over the medic who serves as Big Boss’s decoy-Venom Snake. Ocelot assists both Big Boss and Venom when they escape from the hospital in Cyprus, and also keeps up with the deception, in part by using self-hypnosis.

Along with Miller and Venom, they build a new Mercenary force, Diamond Dogs. Ocelot serves as more of the voice of reason of the trio, since Miller has now become more irrational and revenge-driven since the fall of MSF. Ocelot helps train D-Dog, Venom’s wolf companion.

He also stands up for Quiet, the former XOF mercenary who has supernatural abilities.

However, along with Miller, he’s very critical of the scientist Huey Emmerich, who worked for MSF and helped design the first Metal Gear, known as ZEKE, but who probably betrayed MSF in the first place. Along with Miller, they gather increasing evidence about Huey’s crimes, as well as any information he has on XOF (As he helped XOF design the Metal Gear ST-84 Sehalanthropus.).

It’s also here that Ocelot first meets Eli-the future Liquid Snake-who would shape both their fates in the coming decades. Eli later escapes Diamond Dogs with the Metal Gear, but he and Ocelot will meet again.

At the end of the game, Venom’s memories of being the medic resurface, as do Ocelot’s. Ocelot pledges to support Big Boss in his formation of Outer Heaven, but Miller is not too pleased about everything. Vowing to help train Big Boss’s other son David, to take down his father, Ocelot agrees he’ll side with Eli-and might have to kill Miller one day….


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