Metal Gear Profiles-Revolver Ocelot Part II

After Big Boss’s Outer Heavens in South Africa and Zanzibar Land are defeated by Solid Snake, Ocelot sides with Big Boss’s son/Clone Liquid Ocelot, although he’s actually a double agent for the third clone, Solidus Snake/George Sears, who is in turn working with the Patriots AI, an advanced system designed by Major Zero along with the remaining Patriots on his side-Para-Medic/Dr. Clark and SIGINT-Donald Anderson-to keep the world ‘united’ through control of information. Together, they work as part of the latest incarnation of FOXHOUND once Solid Snake leaves the unit. He also provides Liquid with an ally,   Sergei Gurlukovich, and Liquid, Ocelot and the other members of FOXHOUND rebel and capture the Shadow Moses facility, along with the prototype Metal Gear REX. He also uses this opportunity to kill of his Patriots rival, DARPA chief Donald Anderson, although he makes it look to Liquid like it’s a botched interrogation.

Ocelot initially meets Solid Snake during a stand-off with the life of Armstech president Kenneth Baker (Who had worked to develop the Metal Gear REX) in the crossfire. However, once his confrontation is over…

….he loses his hand to the cyborg Ninja who interrupts the battle.


Ocelot then tortures Solid Snake later in the game, a situation which requires a lot of button mashing for the player. (If you submit to the torture, Meryl will die and you’ll get a slightly less happy ending).


Yes, he actually says this in the game. MGS games have a tendency to break the fourth wall.

After the game is over-Ocelot-the only survivor of the FOXHOUND unit- phone calls Solidus, revealing he was a double agent all along. He also, as we later finds out, takes Liquid’s arm and grafts it to his own as a replacement arm. He also leaks Metal Gear REX’s plans-which keeps Solid Snake busy for a while, as he goes around the world taking down various “bootleg” Metal Gears as part of the group Philanthropy.

Ocelot later re-emerges two years later-complete with his new arm-to steal Metal Gear RAY from the navy (or “Take it back” for the Patriots). However, during this encounter, things go a bit weird-it turns out that somehow, Liquid’s ‘spirit’ somehow inhabits his arm, and is able to take over Ocelot’s mind at times.

As he starts to sink the tanker, “Liquid” also confronts his “twin”, Solid Snake, who was mainly there to expose the existence of RAY to the world. He also portrays Sergei.

Snake appears to die during the incident, but Ocelot later re-emerges during the Big Shell incident, working with Solidus again. In “truth” however, he’s still working for the Patriots, constructing the whole scenario to be similar to Shadow Moses as a test run for one of their AI units. (It’s complicated).

However, at the end of the game, the Liquid persona takes control entirely of Ocelot’s body, creating “Liquid Ocelot”.

“Liquid Ocelot” later becomes the leader of the PMC Outer Heaven, and begins to work against the Patriots’s system. Using the DNA of Solidus as a sort of ‘key’, he is able to take over their “Son of the Patriots” system-which gives him control over several weapons which were controlled by the Patriot’s AI systems-giving him and his unit all the power-but leaving the world defenseless. He also plans to use Metal Gear Rex’s main weapon-the rail gun-to destroy the Patriot’s AI network satellite.


During this, he has several encounters with Solid Snake. First, he dramatically takes control of the SOP system, which allows him to evade capture and also demonstrates his power over the world’s weapons…



and also faces him in a Metal Gear vs. Metal Gear duel.

Finally, Solid Snake is able to throw off the opposition and disable not only the SOP system, but the entire Patriots network-which, as it turns out, was Liquid’s goal all along. Still, he challenges Snake to one more brutal duel, aboard his Battleship Outer Haven.


The battle ends with Ocelot’s death, initially it seems from exhaustion (Although this is actually in part due to a virus Snake-FOXDIE-that is carrying which targets enemies of the Patriots). As he dies, his Ocelot persona returns, as well as his catchphrase, “You’re pretty good!”

At the Game’s coda, Big Boss returns and reveals that Ocelot working with the Patriots, stealing his arm and believing he was Liquid was all an elaborate ruse to confuse the Patriot’s AI system-as he puts it “Cats do love to play as Snakes”. Turns out he used advanced hypnotherapy and nanomachines to make himself believe he was in fact Liquid Snake in Ocelot’s body, when the real Liquid in fact did die at Shadow Moses. Ocelot was, in fact, a hero of sorts all along and trying to free humanity from the AI control; and of course bring his old friendly rival back to life-at least for a while.








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