Doctor Who History: Clara, am I a merry man?


The next adventure has the Doctor fulfill a request for Clara-to meet Robin Hood. However, the Doctor feels that Robin Hood is just a myth. However, he’s soon proven wrong, as a man fitting the description seems to show up directly outside the TARDIS.

The Doctor is still skeptical however, and challenges Robin to a duel, using his spoon, managing to best him. Eventually, they meet Robin’s Merry men, and learn that he’s looking for Maid Marion. He’s also going to an archery championship held by the Sheriff of Nottingham, to win a golden arrow.

The Doctor also enters the contest, but cheats with a bit of venusian Akido and his sonic screwdriver, which destroys the target. This of course catches the attention of the Sheriff, who captures the Doctor, Robin and Clara. It’s also revealed that his knights are actually robots, when Robin tries to escape and detaches one of their arms.

Turns out the Knights are from the future, and have crash-landed in the past, on their way to a mysterious “promised land”. The Sheriff wishes to repair the spaceship with gold so he can conquer England-unfortunately, his plan is flawed and if activated, the ship could destroy half of England. The Doctor also believes that Robin himself is a robot. Clara and Robin manage to escape.


Still captive, the Doctor leads a revolt against the robots while Clara and Robin attempt to rescue the Doctor. During the battle, Robin kills the Sheriff, although he’s wounded.

As the spaceship lifts off, The Doctor and Clara help Robin with his aim, allowing the ship to leave a safe distance from the Earth before it explodes. Before leaving, the Doctor tells Robin he’s still a bit skeptical, and that in the future he is thought of as a legend; but then again, so is he. He also gives him a parting gift: Maid Marion.



Meanwhile, back in the present day, Clara’s date with Danny sort of seems a bit awkward. Meanwhile, the Doctor begins to speculate about a possible monster- a creature that might have evolved the perfect ability to hide, and that have might have influenced people’s beliefs about monsters under the bed. Picking up Clara, he hooks her up to the TARDIS’s telepathic circuits, but her thoughts about Danny takes them back to Danny’s past.

There, they meet a young Danny who has fears of monsters under the bed, and the Doctor tries to test his theory by looking away, as an ominous shape appears in the bed behind them. But is it just somebody pulling a prank, or something more sinister?

He then returns Clara to her already awkward date with ‘present’ Danny, hoping that this new revelation will help. However, it makes things even stranger…and then a guy in a spacesuit shows up. Following the man-who she assumes is the Doctor into the TARDIS, she soon learns it’s actually Orson Pink-A possible descendant of Danny from the future, who closely resembles him. Clara wonders if Orson is perhaps one of her descendants with Danny, since he seems to know something about time travel in his family’s past.


They head to the end of time, where Orson was previously stranded, and the Doctor wonders if the entity he believes exists somehow has survived this long and is hunting Orson. The Doctor, wishing to confront the entity, foolishly causes a containment breach, knocking him out and forcing her to try to operate the TARDIS.

However, the TARDIS unexpectedly goes to Gallifrey’s past, to the barn where the Doctor would later utilize the moment…and where a young first Doctor is upset about possibly not becoming a time lord. Hiding under the bed, it turns out she’s the cause of the Doctor’s fear/speculation about monsters under the bed; and she assures the Doctor that he will face his fears. Just like she saved all his lives from the machinations of the Great Intelligence, she played a role in his future destiny as well.


Returning to the TARDIS-and telling the present Doctor not to double-check their landing, Clara returns to Danny and apologizes, and the Doctor mostly dismisses his theory.




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