Metal Gear profiles-Dr. Clark/Para-Medic

Although her time in the “Metal Gear” saga is somewhat short, Dr. Clark plays a pivotal role. Perhaps initially portrayed as the most innocent of those innocent involved in the Virtuous Mission/Snake Eater operations, she eventually becomes one of the more corrupt members of the original Patriots, and along with SIGINT/Donald Anderson, one of the last flesh-and-blood members before the AI pretty much runs the show. It’s her actions, in part, that lead to the ideological divide between Zero and Big Boss, and the creation of the Les Infant terribles-Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake.


During the missions, where she assigned to the FOX unit, she provided Snake with various medical advice and information on fauna (including those that he could eat, including snakes). She was also a movie fan, asking if Snake had seen various films, some of which had a sort of relation to the missions (such as “Godzilla” dealing with nukes, or “From Russia With Love” dealing with super spy James Bond). In the context of the game she also saved Snake’s progress Like her later replacements Naomi Hunter and Mei Ling and Big Boss/Snake’s son Solid Snake/David, she also had a playful flirtation with Snake. She also had a very important reason for helping Snake complete the mission successfully-if he didn’t, she would lose her medical licence.


After the mission was over, she was present at his promotion to Big Boss, but was somewhat puzzled when he walked out, sadly.

Although it’s placement in the “Metal Gear” canon is disputed, she played a small role in Portable ops and was also playable.

Between that and the events of “Peace Walker, she joined the Patriots/CIPHER, Zero’s organization intended to unite the world, the dream of Snake’s mentor and Zero’s friend, the Boss/The Joy. However, Zero, in a position of power, found himself disagreeing with Big Boss on several aspects on how to do this, and as an insurance policy should Big Boss leave the organization, he secretly cloned him into the three sons of Big Boss-the Les Infant Terribles.


This was the last straw for Big Boss, but Dr. Clark stood by Zero, and continued to pursue somewhat unethical cloning and bionics research, becoming more of a recluse, even when Zero fell into a vegetatitve coma, while her own teammate Sigint developed the AIs and developed Metal Gear REX. She served as FOXHOUND’s doctor (although whether she truely worked with Big Boss during this time is unknown) and when Big Boss was severely injured in Zanzibar land by Solid Snake, she put him in suspension. She also retrieved Grey Fox, who was also gravely injured during the battle, and rebuilt him as a cyborg, while also using him as a test subject for gene therapy. When Naomi Hunter-Grey Fox’s stepsister-freed him from the lab (on the orders of Eva and Ocelot), Grey Fox killed her and destroyed her lab in the explosion.

Her unethical legacy-the clones, Naomi Hunter and Grey Fox’s twisted cyborg ninja form-would all collide, at Shadow Moses island.





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