Doctor Who history-The Time Heist

As their adventures continue, the Doctor and Clara this time find unwittingly recruited on a heist, apparently kidnapped against their will and having their memories of how they got there erased. Their job-given to them by a mysterious man called the “architect”, break into the alien bank of Karabraxos and take items from it’s vault, helped by a group of aliens-one a hacker and the other a shapeshifter.



Unfortunately, they have to deal with the ‘teller’-an alien with the ability to detect criminal thoughts and melt their brains-and mrs. Delphox, who owns the bank.


Turns out the whole heist is actually a bit of a ruse; the Doctor is in fact the “architect” all along (he wiped his own memories), and was on a mission from the aging owner of the bank-of whom Delphox is a clone of-to reunite the teller with his long-lost mate.

In his next adventure, the Doctor goes undercover at Coal Hill School as the caretaker (Janitor)-something that doesn’t sit too well with Clara, who is a teacher there, and also dating co-worker Danny Pink, with neither the Doctor or Danny aware of the other. The Doctor is tracking a Skovox Blitzer, a destructive robot loose on the grounds; although he meets Danny, he’s kind of unaware of his relationship with Clara. His goal is to send the Blitzer into the future where it won’t harm anyone.

He actually assumes he might be dating another teacher, who has a sort of resemblance to his last self-complete with bow tie.

The Doctor also strikes up a friendship with one of Clara’s students, Courtney Woods, after she discovers the TARDIS.


Danny eventually begins to realize this ‘caretaker’ is not who he says he is, and nearly derails the Doctor’s plans to remove the blitzer. He also finds out about the Doctor’s true nature, and the Doctor realizes that Clara is dating him. After the Doctor is able to defeat the Blitzer with the help of Danny, the Doctor and him sort of have an uneasy truce.

He also brings Courtney on-board as a companion. However,  time and space travel initially is a bit too much for her, and she pukes on the TARDIS’s floor.


Meanwhile, a man who the Blitzer had killed is brought to the mysterious ‘nethersphere’, where Missy’s plans are beginning to be put in motion….but who is she?




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