Doctor Who History semi-finale-Husband Who? and Supernanny



The Doctor meets a guy named Nardole. Nardole believes that the Doctor is a surgeon, requested by none other than the Doctor’s semi-wife, River Song.

There’s just a few  problems-River has no idea that this tall, lanky, older man is her husband, the Doctor-as she’d assumed there’d only be twelve of them, since that’s the limit to a time lord’s regenerations (and one the Doctor was able to circumvent due to his actions at Trenzalore). Even with the TARDIS around, she just assumes the Doctor isn’t present and she just wants to borrow it.


And she has two other husbands…King Hydroflax-who River really just married to get a valuable diamond out of his head (His head is also attached to a cyborg body), hence needing a “Doctor” and another, Ramone. Hydroflax and his cyborg body however start to realize what River’s up to, and using Ramone and Nardole by using their heads in combination with his cyborg body, tracks the Doctor, River, and the TARDIS to a luxury space ship. Here, they’re deceived not only by not only by her buyer and also her go-between-a group of aliens known as the Harmony of the Winter Shoal-who want not only Hydroflax’s head-which they worship-but also the Doctor’s, which of course which is very valuable.

It’s at this point that River realizes that the man who has been helping her out with this caper is, in fact, the Doctor.

Then, an asteroid hits the ship-that River knew about as she’d excavated the ruins of the crash in the future-and the ship crashes into the planet Darillium. The Doctor and River survive, although River is knocked out. Starting to realize things are going full circle for River, he gives a local guy searching for survivors the diamond from the now destroyed Hydroflax’s head, and asks him to build a restaurant near a group of “singing towers”-a local and beautiful land formation where the wind around them sounds like singing. Then taking the TARDIS forwards in time a few decades, he books a table at the now built River and then going ahead a bit more, brings River to a final Dinner-for this is their last night together, as after this, River will go to the library, where she’ll meet his tenth incarnation and face her final fate a couple of seasons ago. He even gives her the spare sonic screwdriver which will later contain her essence when she is uploaded into the library’s computer.

However, one night on this planet is 24 years, so at least they’ll have just short of a quarter century together….


24 years do pass. River goes to her fate to the Library. The Doctor, feeling lonely, finds Nardole and attaches his head back to his body, taking the somewhat absent-minded assistant as his companion. He then goes to New York, where he’s working on a device to help combat some of the paradoxes he created when he confronted the Weeping Angels in his past life.


He comes across a boy named Grant, who he asks for some help in fixing his device after he accidentally sets off his own booby trap. He gives Grant a powerful wish-granting gem to help power the device-but Grant, believing it to be a cough drop-swallows it, and given his subconscious boyhood wishes to become a superhero, it gives him superpowers instead-ones nearly identical to Superman.

Years later, the Doctor and Nardole are investigating the Harmony Shoal, who have now taken up residence in New York and plan to invade by first destroying New York and then replacing world leaders by transporting their brains into theirs. Also investigating is reporter, Lucy Fletcher, whose infant daughter Grant is being a ‘nanny’ for, as Grant’s always had a thing for Lucy (who is divorced and can only raise the baby on her own).


However, Grant never lost his superpowers, and now is the Superhero “The Ghost”, using his powers to save people and also keep a close eye on Lucy, saving her and the Doctor when Shoal discovers them.

….Although he’s also got a baby monitor to take care of Lucy’s daughter-and thankfully super speed and flight helps him get to her in time.

The Doctor is skeptical of Grant’s double life, especially since Lucy has no idea. Lucy is, in turn, skeptical of the Doctor although she’s got a thing for the Ghost who she doesn’t know is Grant.


Eventually Lucy gets an interview with the ghost, while the Doctor delivers an ultimatum to the Shoal and attempts to disarm their ship which they’re trying to crash into New York. Meanwhile, the Shoal also attempt to take control of Grant’s body in order to gain Superpowers. However, the Ghost is able to save the day, upsetting the Shoal’s plans, although exposing Grant’s dual identity to Lucy. However, it makes her fall for him even more.

After things are tiding up, Grant tells the Doctor he’ll attempt to retire his Ghost persona. Lucy notices the Doctor’s a bit sad, and explains that he’s troubled by the death of River, his wife, as after their date at the singing towers she met her fate at the library. But Nardole says he’ll help the Doctor get through it….and the two depart for future adventures in space and time.


Everything ends. And it’s always sad. But everything begins again too, and that’s always happy. Be happy.

And now, Doctor Who History is up to date. When the series returns in April, I’ll probably cover the newer stuff too. I’ll also write some codas on the series spin-offs in the meanwhile.





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