Star Wars Comics history-River of Chaos


Along with many of their longer-running titles-Dark Empire, Tales of the Jedi, Rogue Squadron and the later Legacy, Republic, Knights of the Old Republic series etc. Dark Horse also printed several limited series. One of these we’ll look into is “River of Chaos”, which featured Princess Leia in a supporting role. The series was written by Louise Simonson, who wrote the X-men spin-offs X-factor and New Mutants. For this series she was joined by June Brigham, her frequent partner and co-creator of the Marvel comic Power Pack. Brigham’s especially good at drawing the technology in this series.



“River” deals in part with Ranulf Trommer, a TIE fighter pilot hero who is sent to spy by the Empire on a planetary Moff (Star Wars speak for “Governor”) that the higher-ups believe is corrupt. However, the governor is wise to the scheme thanks to his own spies, and in turns sets Ranulf into a ambush, where he’s unexpectedly rescued by a local mechanic named Mora (raised by the local species, a force-sensitive species known as the M’ Haeli who sort of see the Force as a “river” of sorts) and the local rebel group organized by Leia.

Turns out the Moff is running an illegal mining corporation, and Ranulf believes if he exposes the Moff than the Empire will shut down his operation-and hopefully appoint a new, ‘nicer’ Moff in his place. He also begins to fall for Mora and become more sympathetic to the Rebel cause while Leia and co. not only have to deal with Grigor’s forces but a deadly bounty Hunter after them as well. (It also turns out Mora is the lost heir to the human population the planet, to boot). Eventually, after being tortured by Grigor and escaping, he reveals his true self to the Rebels-and although the Empire arrives and Grigor’s actions are exposed (and he himself killed) it’s clear that the Empire taking better control isn’t a good thing-they are, after all, the Empire!-especially as they want to get rid of Mora as she represents a threat to their interests and has been working with the Rebels. So Trommer betrays the Empire and formerly joins the Rebel Alliance with the help of Mora and Leia.






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