The Star Gundams-alternate Universes-00’s



The Strike Gundam originated in 2002’s Gundam Seed, a major relaunch of the Gundam brand in 2002. It can be outfitted with various striker packs for different missions/styles of combat. Initially it’s piloted by series protagonist Kira Yamato.

It’s successor is the Freedom Gundam, which has a lot of weapons such as railguns, cannons and beam rifles, and it’s also incredibly fast as well. Kira mainly uses the suit for non-lethal attacks, disabling suits instead of destroying them.


 The Impulse Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny, is another Gundam capable of multiple settings and weapons packs, similar to the Strike Gundam.


The Strike Freedom is a replacement suit for the Freedom, also from Gundam Seed Destiny.



The titular “Destiny Gundam” posesses a variety of beam-focused weapons and propulsion systems.


The Gundam EXIA from Gundam 00 is mostly designed for close quarters combat, or CQC. It’s equipped with a large manner of melee weapons.


It’s replaced by the titular Gundam 00, which also uses a variety of close-quarters combat weapons, but has greatly accelerated speed.




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