Star Wars comics history-Shadows of the Empire:Evolution

Shadows of the Empire was a major Star Wars event in 1996, that was a Star Wars ‘movie’ without an actual movie-it had a novel, comics, soundtrack, a video game, figures etc. The story-driven parts of the story-the novel, video game, and comic series-each sort of told the story from different POVs-The novel mainly from Luke and Vader, the comic from Boba Fett (with some added scenes with Luke and co. not in the novel), and the game from the new mercenary character/Han substitute, Dash Rendar. The series took place between ESB and ROTJ, and while setting up ROTJ it also dealt with a plot involving Vader’s rivalry with a crime lord. More detail is available on my other article:

Eventually, a sequel series was developed, although it’s a quieter, more personal tale, with an unlikely protagonist-Prince Xizor’s second-in-command/bodyguard, Guri. Guri is actually a ‘human replica droid’, an experimental droid made to look pretty much entirely human from the outside. Making her sort of more like something out of Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, then the more utilitarian droids we’re used to in the films.


Guri’s trying to get herself to her creator, so she can be re-programmed after the events of SOTE, so she won’t be a killer anymore. However, there’s some complications-Xizor’s niece is around and wants Guri’s knowledge of her uncle’s secrets-and the moon she’s on has plenty of thugs and bounty hunters out for her as well.

Eventually, Luke and co. help out Guri a bit as well, as they’re on the hunt for Xizor’s niece as well. However, the doctor’s reprogramming is sucessful. Although still a formidable fighter, Guri now has no memory of working for Black Sun/Xizor, and they let her go to start a new life.



The comic ends with Guri starting that new life, meeting in a bar Dash Rendar (who the video game revealed that he had survived the final battle of Shadows). Some of the novels have them form a team, even crossing the likes of fellow mercenary Kyle Katarn, and also building some more HRDs.



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