Films which inspired Metal Gear-Jurassic Park

On the surface, they don’t seem too much alike (and there’s not too much I can really write about it anyway-this one’s going to be a bit short). One, about a cloned Dinosaur theme park, that is sabotaged during a inspection visit, leaving the experts evaluating the island and the park’s staff at the mercy of escaped Dinosaurs, and the other, a multi-generational saga of espionage, stealth, and big nuclear robots. Well, on that last one….

The Metal Gear “Rex” from the first “Solid game”. derives from Tyrannosaurus Rex in it’s design and function, and while Tyrannosaurs are hardly unique to “Jurassic Park” in fiction, one of the novels did mention that Otacon was, in fact, inspired by the Jurassic Park version of the Dinosaur, in creating Metal Gear REX.

While Previous Metal Gears possessed a more pod-based cockpit, REX has a somewhat more promiment, reptilian ‘head’, showing some clear Dinosaur influence. Although not sentient, it does have a ‘roar’ that sounds a bit like the one from the T-rex in the movie.

While not a Jurassic Park reference in itself, it’s older cousin Sehalanthropus also uses the species name of an extinct animal.

A “Flesh and Blood” Rex would also appear in the Extra ops of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, as part of a crossover with the Capcom “Monster Hunter” games.

While of course they’re not quite Dinosaurs, Metal Gear Solid also utilizes advanced cloning techniques not present in today’s science, or in yesterday’s science for that matter, with the clones of Big Boss-Liquid and Solid-and also the enemy soldiers of the first game, the Genome Army, who are enhanced by genere therapy, using the same Big Boss cells. In fact, Solid Snake refers to them as a sort of “Dinosaur theme park.”

Top 5 - Zombie Apocalypse Team - RestartReplayRestartReplay

Naomi Campbell:His body was burned severely, but it was possible to restore his DNA profile from just a single strand of his hair.

Solid Snake: Aw heck;it’s like some kind of dinosaur theme park, and you’re gonna put those genes into soldiers ?


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