Metal Gear profiles-EVA/Big Mama/Tatiyana (with a bit of Celebrity moralist on the side).


Eva is introduced in “Metal Gear Solid III: Snake Eater”, although her actions-and her offspring-are extremely important to the series’s (very complicated) mythology.


EVA initally appears in the game as Tatiyana, sent to watch over Sokolov and his project the Shagohod, being developed in the Eastern Europe country of Tselinoyarsk.

. However, she’s doing this for a different reason entirely, as we’ll find out. Like Sokolov, she is captured by Col.Volgin, a Rogue Russian colonel, but is in fact using this as a way to infiltrate his base.


As Eva, she meets Snake/The future Big Boss, and is initially believed by Snake to be a dual NSA/KGB agent working against Volgin’s forces who want to upset the balance of power in Russia. She’s able to maintain a double identity and sneak off the base several times to aid Snake in his mission. Unfortunately, Snake’s efforts to protect her when her cover is nearly blown by Ocelot result in the loss of his right eye. The two have a mutual attraction, although Snake at times is either shy or naive to her advances.

Eventually Snake, re-infiltrating Volgin’s base, draws the madman and the Shagohod out, in a harrowing chase on a two-seater bike.


After the Shagohod and Volgin are defeated, Eva is unfortunately badly injured by getting impaled by a tree branch in her abdomen. However with Snake’s help and encouragement, she’s able to make it to a WIG (Wing in Ground) vehichle while he confronts his mentor, the Boss, for their fateful showdown.


After the two take off in the WIG (despite some further close calls involving MIGs and Ocelot), the two soon arrive back in the states. However, after one night, she leaves Snake-and with the Philosopher’s Legacy-the secret microfilm containing the fortune of the Philosophers, and the true goal of the mission all along. It’s also revealed she’s not working for Russian, but for Chinese intelligence. She also reveals that was the true purpose of the Boss’s mission/defection all along. Although this actually turns out to be a phony (the real one being taken to Ocelot).


As a result of this failure, Eva finds herself on the run until she’s rescued by Snake-now Big Boss-in Hanoi at the end of the decade. Along with Big Boss, Zero, and the other survivors of Operation Snake Eater, they create the Patriots using the Philsopher’s legacy to realize the Boss’s dream of a united world.


However, cracks form in the organization, especially between Big Boss and Zero. To insure Big Boss continues to serve as one of the faces of the organization, Zero commisions the Les Infant Terribles project, cloning Big Boss. Although the DNA comes from Big Boss and a Japanese woman, it is Eva who carries the twins-who will become David (Solid Snake) and Eli (Liquid Snake).


This is done without Big Boss’s permission, and he, Eva, and Ocelot mostly distance themselves from the organization. Big Boss forms the MSF In Costa Rica; it’s during this time that EVA sends him audio tapes detailing the life of the Boss to make him understand more of her motivations.

When Big Boss goes into a coma shortly thereafter, Eva and Ocelot-reluctantly working with Zero again-help keep him safe while he recovers for nine years in the hospital. She and Ocelot continue to work behind the scenes as the Patriots organization becomes more powerful, and less reliant on human influence. When Big Boss is put into a coma again, she works hard to rescue and later restore her lover, while also working with Ocelot and others to fight against the Patriots, killing Dr. Clark and Donald Anderson during the time of the Shadow Moses incident.

Eva, taking on the title of “Big Mama” perhaps as a tribute to Big Boss, then creates her own private army, the “Paradise Lost” group, as she enters her middle-aged years, compromised mostly of war orphans looking for belonging. She starts working with Snake’s ally Raiden, but she doesn’t meet her son until the Guns of the Patriots inciddent, when Solid Snake is looking for Liquid Ocelot, who is Ocelot “possessed” by Liquid Snake.

She reveals to Solid Snake-who she sees as her son despite only being the surrogate mother-the lengthy story of how things went the way they did-Operation Snake Eater, the Patriots, how his own missions fight into the grand scheme of things. She also claimed to be in care of Big Boss’s body.

The two then try to evade Liquid’s forces on a motorcycle, but once again, Eva is badly injured, and the two are captured by Ocelot. Eva tries to plead with her former friend but his mind is pretty much consumed by the persona of Liquid Snake; and he burns the body of Big Boss. Eva throws herself onto the flames to try to save him, they appear to fatally injure her-Snake, likewise develops burns on the side of his face trying to recover her.

Before she dies, she gives a vague omen to Snake:

You and the beasts are no different… scorched shadows born to the world. When a beast steps into the light… unless the light is put out… the shadows cannot be erased. So long as there is light… there is shadow. To return everything to normal… the light must be extinguished. And when that happens… you… will be… too.

Later, it’s revealed that the body Liquid destroys is not in fact, Big Boss; but Solidus, the third clone introduced in Metal Gear Solid II: Sons of Liberty. Big Boss was actually elsewhere, being restored. He visits his son, repents on how things got so messed up, kills Zero to stop the cycle of evil they’ve both been involved in, and salutes his mentor, the Boss, and finally realizes her true will. He also reveals that Eva in fact died from the FOXDIE virus, implanted in Solid Snake, and not from the injuries or flames. The virus than kills Big Boss too, although he’s able to share one last smoke with his son.


Regarding Eva’s portrayal, there’s been a great deal of speculation that Eva’s voice actress Suzetta Minet (an unknown actress)- is in fact Jodi Benson under a pseudonym. Jodi Bensen is well known for several Disney roles, including Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. However, this might be just an urban myth.

Eva’s older voice actess, however, is well-known, Lee Meriwether, well-known for the old Batman TV show, Barnaby Jones, Munsters etc. Lee is in fact, one of the only actresses to film a live-action segment for Metal Gear Solid IV, as a talk show host interviewing Snake actor David Hayter in a strange segment, “Celebrity moralist”.


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