Metal Gear Profiles: Drebin 893 and Little Gray.

Drebin is one of the key figures in Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots. Although he only appears in this game, his actions are important in bringing the cycle of events to an end.


During the events of Metal Gear Solid IV, the world is largely dependent on a “War economy” run by the Patriots, in which guns are controlled by ID tags so they can’t be used by other soldiers. However, Drebin, a gun runner who goes into battle zones with his personal Stryker APC (With the logo EYE HAVE YOU) is able to unlock many of these guns using nanomachines, hence making them “Naked” guns, hence the name “Drebin”-a reference to the Naked Gun film series.



It’s in this capacity he helps Solid Snake, along with his hairless monkey friend Little Gray. However, he is also working as a double-agent of sorts with the Patriots. In addition to supplying Snake, he’s also giving him a new strain of FOXDIE (a virus Snake carries to take out targets, often unbeknownst to him) designed to take out the Patriot’s opposition-Eva, Liquid Ocelot, and finally, Big Boss.

Both he and Little gray come to Snake’s rescue many times in the game, as well as that of Naomi Hunter. After Snake fights the Beauty and the Beast unit, he also gives him a debriefing as to how those women became traumatized and insane.


After Snake sucessfully defeats Liquid Ocelot-and surprisingly, the Patriots as well-Drebin and his fellow gun runners decide to form their own independent organization now that they’re independent of the Patriots. He also helps to liven up Meryl and Johnny’s wedding.


“A shower of flowers! Compliments of Drebin!



He also shares a drink with Otacon near the Nomad, revealing interesting details about how the Patriots manipulated events, such as Meryl’s “Rat Patrol” actually being a amalgam of “Patriots”.

Drebin and Little Gray also enjoy drinking a whole lot of NARC cola. This would be far from the only Soda connection to Metal Gear….



Although NARC cola is entirely fictional….


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