Metal gear Profiles: Morpho and Peqoud

Morpho is an MSF pilot who appears in Metal Gear Solid V’s prologue game, Ground Zeroes.  He helps to extract Big Boss, Chico and Paz from Camp Omega, and has the MSF medic on-board with him to tend to their injuries. Later, when returning to Mother Base, he rescues Commander Miller from the burning base. Morpho pilots a HP-48 gunship.

However, Morpho dies when the booby-trapped Paz explodes, killing everyone on board apart from Big Boss, Kaz, and the Medic. Kaz recovers fairly quickly, but Big Boss and the medic enter nine year comas (with the medic becoming the decoy Venom Snake).


Morpho’s name refers to the Morpho butterfly, a common theme in Peace Walker.


Later, in The Phantom Pain, Morpho is replaced by Peqoud in the Diamond Dogs organization. Peqoud not only carries Venom Snake in and out of missions, he also recovers extracted fultoned soldiers, weapons, and resources, and provides mission support. There are at least two Peqouds in the game’s cutscenes, although in-game they can be replaced indefinitely if one has the GMP. Peqoud’s helicopter is heavily damaged by the Skulls unit and Metallic Archaea at one point in the game, killing one of the Peqouds; later, another is able to rescue Venom Snake in the desert when Quiet leaves, thanks to Quiet providing some helpful directions. Peqoud flies a UT-66 Blackfoot.




The helicopters can also be customized.





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