Bond In Review: SPECTRE Part II


Bond quickly escapes from the SPECTRE meeting, but Hinx is in hot pursuit. The car chase is pretty good, although it’s a bit heavy on the comedy-Most of the car’s gadgets haven’t been loaded yet, Bond has to deal with getting stuck behind a slow driver, and he’s trying to get in touch with Moneypenny to figure out the identity of the “Pale king”, as well as why Hans Oberhauser-the man he recognized at the meeting-is still alive.




Turns out the “Pale King” is Bond’s old nemesis Mr. White, who vanished after “Quantum of Solace”.

Bond’s finally able to get one gadget working-the “Backfire” flamethrower, which is able to temporarily blind Hinx enough for Bond to make a quick getaway with an ejection device, complete with a parachute. Bond casually swaggers away, and Hinx is momentarily satisfied that he’s killed Bond. On the other hand, there’s now a DB10 in the Tiber.


Something that hasn’t escaped the notice of M and Tanner, who are busy dealing with Max’s plan to push the “Nine eyes” program. Bond, in the meantime, tracks down Mr. White, in a chilling atmospheric scene that was pretty much used for SPECTRE’s first teaser trailer.


It also kind of reminds me of Bond’s look in the Heineken commercial from around “Skyfall’s” release a bit (although he’s got a much better jacket in that).

Mr. White isn’t exactly looking that great these days-he’s dying from cancer, from radiation implanted in his cellphone because he disagreed with Oberhauser over SPECTRE’s evil nature, saying his new plan could affect “Women and children”. Funny, this is the same guy who in CASINO ROYALE seemed to condone such acts; and it’s a bit of a circle in a square peg kind of thing, which unfortunately also goes for a lot of the film’s attempts to ‘connect the dots’ of the Craig Bonds, especially later in regards to Oberhauser. There’s even a bit of almost friendship between the two, which is a bit awkward considering it was White who pretty much got Vesper killed in Casino Royale.


White wants Bond to protect his daughter, and then he takes his own life with Bond’s gun after telling him where to find her, as well as making a cryptic reference to something else: L’American.

Meanwhile, Mallory talks to Max, and like his predecessor, defends the right of personal intelligence against surveillance.


Yes, you have information. You can find out all about a man, track him down, keep an eye on him. But you have to look him in the eye. All the tech you have can’t help you with that. A license to kill also means a license NOT to kill.

Max counters though that he recorded Moneypenny and 007’s conversation, and therefore M can’t take keep an eye on his own agents. There’s no love lost between these two.


Bond’s next port of call is the clinic where White’s daughter-Madeline Swann-works. The mountaintop clinic is somewhat similar from an outside visual standpoint to Piz Gloria, Blofeld’s HQ in On Her majesty’s Secret Service.


Bond and Madeline have a bit of an interview, sort of a ‘sizing up’ as well. We get a callback to Bond’s parents again (Which Skyfall elaborated on) and a “Shaken not stirred” from Craig (I think it might in fact be his first one, he says “Shake it over rice” & we see someone ask him about it in Casino Royale, and a woman shook a drink but I think this is the actual first line). Of course, they don’t have any, instead some kind of green drink that Bond would rather put in the toilet.

Q stops by as well, saying that Bond is following a false lead with Oberhauser, as he’s quite dead and is also imperiling all their jobs by going, more or less, rogue (although less so than in “License to Kill” and “Quantum of Solace”) however, his tone changes when he runs a check on Sciarra’s ring, which somehow has DNA from all of the villains from the past films, as well as Oberhauser and White. It’s kind of unclear how Silva, who had a personal vendetta with M, was somehow part of this (Apparently the connection is revealed more in deleted scenes). Also, it’s a bit unclear how Quantum fits into everything; subsidiary? Alternate name? In real life Quantum was intended to be the name of a Spectre-like organization if they never got the rights back. But when they got Spectre back, it kind of gets swept under the rug. Also I find it funny that although Patrice-Silva’s henchman-gets a ‘tentacle’ but Greene’s Elvis is once again left out. LOL! Also, although Greene is eventually name-checked by Oberhauser, for some reason Q skips mentioning him, instead saying “Quantum” instead.


As Q figures that out (and tries to evade SPECTRE agents sent to apprehend him in a cable car), Swann is quickly captured by Hinx, and Bond gets a plane from the clinic to pursue him, in one of the film’s most entertaining action sequences.

Hinx’s got a bit of an interesting weapon here, the double-barreled Prismatic dueler, which is in fact a real weapon, although to my knowledge this is the first time it’s been used in a film. Like Jaws, although Hinx is mainly a physical presence, he’s not above using firearms for the more long-range tasks (and he doesn’t have a steel-rimmed hat either).

File:Spectre 205.jpg

Although I can’t get the exact frame, Bond does a salute from the plane to Hinx, which seems to be a bit of a reverse nod to Caterina Munro/Naomi’s similar gesture in “The Spy Who Loved Me”.


It’s quite a harrowing chase, with quite a cool visual at the end, with Bond’s plane smashing through a lumber barn.

Hinx is down, but not out (He seems nearly as indestructible as Jaws!), but Bond is able to persuade Swann to come under his protection. The two rendezvous with Q at a local hotel, just as an inciddent is underway in South Africa (Justifying Max’s “Nine eyes”). Q tells Bond he now believes him, and that Oberhauser is connected to all his old enemies, but it’s Madeline Swann who tells them the name of the organization:


“SPECTRE. It’s name is SPECTRE.”




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