Metal Gear profiles-Amanda Valenciano Libre



Amanda was a member of the FSLN (Sandanista National Liberation Front). However, she and her family were kicked out of Nicouraga, and they had to flee to Costa Rica. The KGB group led by Zadarnov then her faction of the FSLN by having her work as a drug trafficker. She didn’t like getting her hands dirty with the work, but needed to protect her father and her younger brother, Chico.


Unfortunately, Amanda’s factory was captured by the Rogue CIA group Peace Sentinel, and her father was killed. In addition, her brother Chico ran away. Amanda-suspecting that there was something odd about Peace Sentinel-then encountered Big Boss, who was in the area investigating a recording he believed to be that of his former mentor, the Boss; who had been dead for over a decade.

Shortly thereafter, Amanda was nearly captured by Peace Sentinel’s Chrystalis prototype, a flying mech that used drone “kidnappers”. Amanda was able to escape from it’s clutches, but broke her leg in the process.


She asked Big Boss to rescue Chicho-or if he sold out the Sandinista-to kill him. Thankfully, Big Boss was able to rescue Chico, and the two were reunited when she was recovering from her injury at MSF’s Mother Base. She also provided Big Boss with a great deal of intel. When Big Boss was captured by peace Sentinel and KGB agent Zadarnov, Amanda, FSLN, and MSF stormed the facility and bailed him out. They then proudly called him “Vic Boss”. This also was her return, of sorts, to Nicouraga.

After the Peace Walker incident, Amanda and her troops were temporarily evacuated from Mother Base due to an upcoming inspection. Her brother, unfortunately, decided to rescue Paz-the CIPHER double agent-who Amanda had discovered was at a ‘black site’ prison in Cuba. Unfortunately, the mission did not go as planned, with Chico dying in the helicopter explosion, while MSF itself burned. Amanda was however off-base and survived, although she lost her brother. Later, when the revolution in Nicouraga was successful, she became hailed as a hero and was able to be influential in the government.


She helped Dr. Strangelove recover Peace Walker’s AI pod…which eventually would be used as further research into Metal Gear technology-leading up to the creation of Metal Gear Sanlanthropus. and unfortunately, Strangelove’s coffin.






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