Metal Gear Profiles-Donald Anderson/SIGINT

Donald Anderson, or SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) was Naked Snake’s-the later Big Boss’s technical support during Operation Snake Eater-more or less, the “Q” to his “James Bond”.



SIGINT often gave Snake advice-and history-on various weapons (mostly firearms), technologies, and camouflage techniques.

However, he also expressed incredulity at Snake’s use of the cardboard box as a stealth technique, and also Metal gear technology.

Snake: “Sigint, Granin said something about putting legs on a tank. Do you know what he was talking about?”

Sigint: “If you ask me, it’s got to be a joke. Not only is making a tank walk on two legs a technical nightmare, but there’s no point in making a walking tank to begin with. Putting legs on a tank would raise its clearance, increasing its frontal projection area. It’d also be less stable. Suppose the legs help the tank travel bad roads… I don’t see the logic in that. Isn’t that what treads are for? I mean, anyone who’d seriously consider making a thing like that has got to be a wacko. …Come to think of it, there was a guy in the States who wrote a paper on that subject. What was his name… Emerson? Heinrich? …Something like that; I don’t really remember. ‘Course, no one took that seriously.

After the Snake Eater inciddent, SIGINT joined DARPA, and also worked for the Patriots, a secret group designed to realize the vision of Snake’s mentor, the Boss. Like with Zero and Para-Medic, his morality became corrupted by the vast amount of money and power the organization used. After Zero lapsed into a coma, Donald began to develop an AI system that would take over from him-which would eventually try to gain control of the world the world during the Big Shell and Guns of The Patriots incident.

In the 2000s, he worked with ARMSTECH to develop a new Metal Gear-The Metal Gear Rex. While at Shadow Moses Island testing out REX, he was captured by the rogue FOXHOUND, which included his former colleague Revolver Ocelot. Ocelot (intentionally) killed Anderson during torture, an attempt to weaken the Patriots. Anderson was then impersonated by FOXHOUND member Decoy Octopus, and tried to get information from Solid Snake on the Rex’s codes. However, he then suffered a heart attack, from a virus Snake was carrying-FOXDIE.

Snake later encountered what was left of the real Darpa chief in a cell.

Donald Anderson’s death was one of the primary reasons Jim Houseman wanted to destroy Shadow Moses and the Snakes along with it; as he was a good friend of his.






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