Metal Gear Profiles: The Joy/The Boss Part One

Once upon a time. There were two
young men who idolized a hero called
The Boss.

One day, they suddenly lost the point
of origin – The Cipher – that was like
a mother to them.

Unable to come to terms with their
sorrow, they each decided to carry on
the will of their hero.

But they could not agree on what that

In the end, they became bitter enemies,
and the Zero from which they both started
was split into two.

The Boss, or as she was initially called, “The Joy” was a world War II hero who was the mentor of Naked Snake/Big Boss. She is also pretty much the origin point of the series conflict. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to English actress Charlotte Ramping. Which I’m sure was intentional.


Although with the recent Pachislot version of Snake Eater, looks like the “Rampingness” has been….ramped down a bit.

She was the daughter of one of the members of a group known as the Philosophers, a group of people from various countries who agreed to use their money and power to help unite the world after World War I. She learned much about the organization from her father, and he was later killed.

She then worked with the SAS during World War II, meeting David Oh/Major Zero and participating in several missions, and developed a fighting technique called CQC (Close Quarters combat). She also worked with the Cobra Unit, an elite group of soldiers with unusual talents. Her codename? The “Joy”. as she had the “Joy of battle”.

She later developed a relationship with one of her squadmates, the Sorrow, who had psychic abilities. She then discovered she was pregnant, which caused her to botch a mission-but she continued to press on. During the Allied invasion of Normandy, or D-Day, she gave birth on the battlefield. The child however, was taken from her, and raised by the soviet philosophers as Ocelot. She received a snake-shaped scar from her C-section.

As World War II led to the cold war, she continued to train new people. Her most promising student? A young man named Jack. Taken from her own child, the two developed a sort of mother/son bond, and she learned many of his CQC techniques from her example.

However around this time, a series of problems arose that further led to her rift with the CIA. First, a sleeper agent of hers defected to the Russians, causing a sloppy cover up in order to allow for a smooth transition of power for JFK. It also led her on a mission to kill off the sleeper, but she also ended up killing The Sorrow, who had returned to Russia after World War II.

Secondly, she had participated in the Mercury program, becoming but due to her past mistakes, she was not ‘officially’ the first human in space, and was brushed out of the Mercury team photo. Nevertheless, two things occurred: Here, she met the female Doctor Strangelove who worked on the project, and left a notable impression on her; and she witnessed the view of a borderless Earth from space….something that would not only shape her future philosophies, but that of her protege and friend as well. The seeds of Operation “Snake Eater” had been planted….


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